How Well Do You Know AO3? – May 2015 Drive

A deck of cards with the ace of hearts showing with the title 'We Win Together: OTW May 1-6, 2015 Membership Drive

The Archive of Our Own is a labor of love that has become an integral part of fannish life for many of us. But how much do you really know about AO3, its background and its inner workings?

Did you know…

…that the name “Archive of Our Own” is a reference to Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own?

…that AO3 was named one of Time magazine’s 50 Best Websites of 2013?

…that since its launch into Open Beta in November 2009, AO3 has grown nonstop? In February of last year, we reached an incredible one million fanworks!

…that Alternate Universe is the most frequently used tag on AO3?

…that the Archive’s main development team (the Accessibility, Design & Technology committee) consists of eleven volunteers, nine of whom are women? This makes AO3 one of the very few majority-female open source projects on the web!

…that the category icons use astronomical symbols to represent different types of works? Venus for F/F, Mars for M/M, the Sun for Gen, and Uranus for Other?

…that AO3 is made possible by fans like you?

We rely on the combined expertise and hard work of our volunteers to maintain AO3 and keep it accessible to fans from all over the globe. In total, almost 500 volunteers work on Organization for Transformative Works projects, including AO3, Open Doors, Legal Advocacy, Fanlore, and Transformative Works and Cultures.

The existence of this Archive is a reminder of how powerful fandom can be. Thank you for being part of this amazing project and helping to make it what it is. If you would like to help support Archive of Our Own, please consider making a donation today.

  1. Jill E Merrill commented:

    “it’s the Joker in your life’s deck of cards.” Seriously? Or am I missing the point?

    AO3 has become part of my family, more so than my 24-year-old daughter. My life would be so empty without it. It’s a joy to be writing again, and fan fic is actually quite more demanding than original fiction. I had to wait for my own characters living in my head to declare themselves and tell me what to write. By the time they began yelling, I started transcribing. And it’s entirely up to me to make sure they remain in character. They remain oddly mute till it’s time for the next character.

    I thought writing fan fic would be much easier. Not at all! Fan fic requires that all the S/N folk I write about are i/c, else I might suffer the humiliation of being corrected in a comment, or worse, disappointing myself. More likely, I’d wake up at three am thinking “He’d never say that!’ and run downstairs to edit my story. Thanks so much for that feature; being able to edit posted work. Almost as good as an email “Unsend” command. Without it, I’m afraid I’d sink into the OCD triangle and be forgotten.

    Thank you for this free service. I have met simpatico authors and have read some astonishing work. I donated as much as I could (not much). Hope it helps.

    But really. “it’s the Joker in your life’s deck of cards”? I must be temporarily humor-impaired. Usually my rather absurd and parched humor is my raison d’être.

    Thanks for all your good work,
    Jill Merrill

    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      We always love to hear stories about how fans enjoy the projects we develop and work on. We’re glad that the AO3 has come to mean so much to you.

      We’re thankful for each donation from each person who does so — they all make a difference. Thanks for taking part and helping us reach our goal!