Help Us Celebrate Our 5th Birthday!

This week the OTW is reaching a milestone. On September 5, 2012 we’ll be celebrating five years as the Organization for Transformative Works, and we’re hoping that you’ll join us in celebrating our various projects and organization history!

Starting at 23:00 UTC on September 4, we’re going to hold trivia and participation contests across our various OTW News outlets. In order to give you more choice about how, when, and where to participate, these contests will vary by site and will appear across multiple timezones. So if you read this news on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, Dreamwidth or the website you will be seeing different posts until 23:00 UTC on September 6. (Our Tumblr site will be holding its own celebration during its First Friday event on September 7.)

As prizes for our contest winners, we will be offering invites to the Archive of Our Own (AO3) on each of our contest sites. So if you know someone who has been wanting one, let them know they should stop by and take part!

What Will Happen Where

On LiveJournal and Dreamwidth we will be making three separate posts across different timezones. Each post will contain five trivia questions based on the OTW’s various projects. All comments to these posts will be screened. You are welcome to answer any or all three sets of trivia questions but multiple responses from a given username will only be counted as one entry to the contest, regardless of whether you got one or all sets of questions correct. When the contest ends at 23:00 UTC on September 6, we will count how many participants answered any of the three sets of questions correctly. All participants with correct entries will then win an invite sent to the email address of their choice.

On Twitter, Facebook, and we will be making five posts across different timezones. Each post will contain either a blurb about the OTW for retweeting, sharing or reblogging, or a small writing or image challenge related to the OTW. Anyone who links us to their responses to all five posts will win an invite sent to the email address of their choice.

Winners will be notified by our response to their winning comment. The notification process should be complete by September 8, and all winners will have to provide us with an email address for their invitation. (They can designate a friend to receive the invite if they wish.)

If you have questions let us know in comments or through our contact form.

Also, if you would like to help us share our celebration, we have some nifty icons created by our Communications volunteer, Rachel. Thank you to everyone who has supported the OTW in these past five years.


These celebration contests are void where prohibited

  1. Darina Yankov commented:

    I have no idea how much I actually know about ao3 but I really would love an invite?

    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      finding out — we’ll see you tomorrow!