Help Us (and the AO3) Grow!

Open Beta for the Archive of Our Own is entering its third week of booming growth, and we’re all very excited by the positive, thoughtful, and constructive feedback we’ve been receiving from all of the new users. We’ve also been incredibly gratified by the groundswell of excited volunteers, eager to help us to make the Archive even better!

Happily, volunteer opportunities abound – particularly filling jobs in the infrastructure supporting the AO3. Organizing and communicating with our new volunteers is how our Volunteers & Recruiting Committee makes all our other work possible. Our Financial Committee makes sure the bills get paid, assuring a secure, stable home for all of that work. Both are vital to AO3 growth and sustainability.

If you’re inspired by the AO3 project, and are moved to help us make it better, you may have just the sort of enthusiasm we can use! Volunteering in other capacities doesn’t mean you can’t also test code (banging on new features) or wrangle tags (helping to improve searchability) – many of us do both. Please take a look at the opportunities listed in our Willing to Serve post and help us to build stronger support for the AO3 by strengthening our organization. Send us a message to volunteer or to find out more!

As always, if you don’t have the time or energy, but feel the impulse to be a part of what we’re accomplishing, you can donate in support of our servers and our continued self-sufficiency – or just help spread the word to your friends and fannish communities!

Archive of Our Own, Spotlight
  1. cesy commented:

    Oddly, I never got a reply to either of my last two messages through that form to VolCom. I’ve sent another anyway.

    • fcoppa commented:

      Very weird! Committees won’t be formed until the end of the year, but I think there’s a message that goes out SAYING that “committees won’t be formed until the end of the year” so we should figure out if those messages are getting eaten by spam filters or what!