Help OTW Advocate for Fan-Friendly Law In Hong Kong

Right now, Hong Kong is in the process of reviewing and proposing changes to its copyright law, and has put out a public call for consultation. OTW Legal will be submitting a comment in response to this request, recommending that Hong Kong’s copyright law be made more flexible to allow more freedom for fans to create and share fanworks.

Here’s where you come in! As we’ve done in many countries, including Canada, Australia, the U.S., South Africa, and New Zealand, we’d like our Hong Kong submission to include first-hand accounts from Hongkongers about the benefits of laws that promote the creation and sharing of transformative works.

If you’re in or from Hong Kong and have expressed yourself, gained skills, been part of creative communities, or otherwise experienced the benefits of being able to create transformative works, we’d love to hear your stories. They can be long or short–just give us some specifics about why making and enjoying fanworks matters to you, so we can include those stories in our submission. If you can send your stories in English, that will be even more helpful, since the submission will be in English.

The deadline is approaching quickly! Please send your stories to us by January 30 using our contact form or e-mailing us at legal [at] (Feel free to use a pseudonym if you don’t want us to share your personally identifying information.)

Legal Advocacy
  1. How creating and consuming fanworks has benefited me commented:

    For the Hong Kong contribution.

    I’ve been creating and consuming fanworks for the better part of a decade. Aside from benefiting me in the growth of my own creative skills, fanworks such as fanfiction and fanart had also led me to discover areas of interests I didn’t even know would appeal to me. Thanks to the research I’ve done for my own fanfiction, I’ve read a variety of books and discovered new interests, as well as developing my own writing skills.

    Not only that but it has produced hours of entertainment and, dare I say, even led me I to supporting the official sources by buying their content — something I wouldn’t have done had I not developed such a love for the franchise via fanworks.

  2. twriting commented:

    This is a terrible idea, best summed up by this post from a fan in Hong Kong

    Don’t do it.

  3. gia commented:

    You already got banned from China once, why are you trying to bring attention on fandom all over again, considering how viciously hostile the CCP is toward it already and how it’s been trying to curb and suppress fandom for the past one year?! Fucking hell, stay out of that mess and don’t make it worse for everyone else!