Happy Ending

Different Tropes for Different Folks – OTW Membership Drive October 2015

Hello, fans,

It’s been an exciting few days for all of us! But all good things come to an end. And this ending is a happy one!

This is the final message of the October 2015 drive. We want to thank you for all your amazing support. Together we raised US$ 170,000! 7,770 donors generously gave to the OTW this week. Because of fans like you who donated and spread the word, the OTW can help keep fanworks and fandom culture thriving.

Your backing helps the OTW continue its mission to encourage and support the passion and activities of fans like yourself, and it’s because of you that this campaign has had a happy ending. Thank you so much.

The Organization for Transformative Works

P.S. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve got in store for you in the coming months:

Coming soon


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