Happy Ada Lovelace Day 2010!

The OTW wants to wish you Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

The OTW is an overwhelmingly female organization whose major projects include the design and development of the Archive Of Our Own, which may be the largest, majority female open source software project on the web. (They’ll be making their own post later today!) We also administer and maintain a number of production servers, content management systems, and other software packages, including MediaWiki, the software that runs Fanlore, OJS, the open source journal software we use to run Transformative Works and Cultures, CiviCRM, the constituent relationship management system we use to manage our Development and Membership drives, Request Tracker (RT), our current ticketing system, and our Drupal-based website. Our staff is made up largely of female coders, sysadmins, webmasters, designers, and others of considerable technical skill.

Thoughts from committees & links roundup beneath the cut!

A word from our Board:

The OTW Board – which has never been in the same room at the same time; our corporate headquarters are digital – celebrates all our technical women today and every day. We are proud to have a big, healthy open source project – the Archive of Our Own/AO3 – which is designed, coded, documented, supported, and maintained almost entirely by women (and that’s not even counting our fabulous sysadmins and webmasters, and the teams that work with MediaWiki, OJS, CiviCRM…)

A few relevant statistics:

Number of AO3 users: 6,038.

Number of A03 fandoms: 5,485.

Number of fanworks: 67, 858.

Lines of code in Archive of Our Own (2007): 0.

Lines of code in Archive of Our Own (2010): 73, 757.

Estimated AO3 project cost: (from ohloh.net ): $989,259.

Value of our amazing team: Priceless.

A word from our Accessibility, Design, & Technology Committee:

[ADT will be making their own post later today! Stay tuned!]

A word from our Webmasters:

The Webmasters (a.k.a. the Charlottes) are the team that keeps transformativeworks.org up and running. Since the Charlottes were formed, all of our members have been women. We work primarily with Drupal, an open-source content management system, and with CiviCRM, an open-source constituent management system for nonprofits. This year on-the-job training is a big focus for us, because we have some new members for the first time in the committee’s history. One of the wonderful things about teaching is that you end up learning at the same time — not only are we training the newest members of our team, but the veteran members are learning new things from each other and from the process of teaching. We’re asking each other insightful questions, updating old assumptions, and considering our work in new ways, thus making the committee and the website stronger. We’re glad of this opportunity to work and learn in a collaborative space for the benefit of our fannish communities.

Links Roundup: (will be updated throughout the day!)

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