Guidelines for Submitting an Event

The Communications committee publishes a monthly post that promotes events listed in the OTW Events Calendar.

We encourage submissions to the calendar in any language, provided that they involve:

1) Fan-related events that are open to the public, and which can be online or in-person.
2) Academic events such as conferences, publications, and calls for papers that are part of fan studies.
3) Events related to open-source technology.

The monthly posts are a wrap-up of calendar listings for that month, as well as requests for research participation that meet the following criteria:

Does it have Institutional Review Board/Ethics Committee approval?

We realize that there are independent researchers who can’t get oversight approval because they’re unaffiliated. In such cases a substitute can be provided in the form of a vita that includes past work and credentials and a link to past work that is openly available online.

Is there a consent form for participants that we can link to?

We will not include research that does not specify age limitations for participants, and which does not specify what use will be made of the data, what the procedures are (if it’s not an online survey), who will have access to the data, and how participant privacy will be preserved.

Is there full contact information for the researcher (and their committee or supervisor if applicable)?

This information should include their institutional affiliation, if there is one, as well as an email and a physical address where they can be reached.

Will the information be shared with the community after completion?

This can be done by contacting Communications to link to results.

Please contact Communications to submit any of the above.