Can I volunteer for more than one role?

Yes; many OTW staffers dedicate their time to multiple roles. However, we ask that you seriously consider the time demands involved in the roles you’re interested in and the time you have to give to the organization. It can be valuable to both our volunteers and the OTW when people serve in multiple roles, but we also want to make sure we don’t overload people with too much responsibility. All of our new position descriptions give an estimated time requirement for the role to help with managing expectations. It is also suggested that volunteers discuss taking on extra roles with their committee chair.

What is the difference between a ‘volunteer’ role and a ‘staff’ role?

The OTW is an all-volunteer organization, so everyone serving is doing so on voluntary basis. At the same time, our roles have differing levels of responsibility and commitment, which we distinguish by using the terms volunteer and staff.

Generally, a volunteer serves as part of a pool (e.g. tag wranglers, coders, testers, translators) or a workgroup with specific and focused tasks to complete. Pool volunteers typically are not required to attend meetings; workgroup volunteers may be expected to do so. Volunteers do not hold a vote within their respective committee unless they also serve as committee staff.

Staff serve on an OTW committee, are expected to attend meetings, and actively participate in committee business and projects. The time required of staff is often higher than for volunteers. Also, after nine months of service as staff, an individual is eligible to run for a seat on the Board of Directors.