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Why does OTW need money, and what is it going to be spent on?

The OTW uses funds to purchase goods and services that cannot be provided by its volunteers, such as expenses related to operations and certain administrative costs. Such operational expenses include the purchase of software and server space to create and maintain the archive. Administrative expenses include a variety of items typical to a nonprofit organization, such as insurance, payment processor fees, and tax preparation and auditing services.

Where is the OTW incorporated?

The OTW is incorporated in the state of Delaware, in the United States.

Who profits from the formation of OTW?

In a fiscal sense, no one; OTW is a nonprofit organization, so any revenue the organization takes in goes into the organization’s coffers to support the work the organization does. The OTW does not currently have any paid staff and is run by volunteers. Our official conflict-of-interest policy is the one recommended by the IRS for nonprofits.