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I can’t donate right now, but I would like to support your work. Can I volunteer in the OTW instead?

All our currently open positions are listed on the Volunteer page. If a position you are interested in isn’t listed there at this time, check the page again later, and keep an eye out for new openings. We always publish information about new positions on OTW news outlets.

If I donate in honor of someone, will they get a notification?

No. Providing an email address for the ‘In Honor of’ section of the donation form is optional and does not generate any notification, although the honoree will receive any general emails sent to all donors.

How can I cancel or change the recurring donation amount I had previously scheduled, or change the credit card I used?

To cancel your recurring donation, select your last contribution in PayPal and go to “Manage payments for …,” or go to the Payments tab on your PayPal Settings page. Recurring donations cannot be edited. If you wish to change your recurring donation, you must first cancel it and then set up a new one. To change the credit card used in a donation, you will need to alter the PayPal transaction details. Please refer to PayPal help for more information about this, and contact PayPal support for assistance.

How can I schedule a recurring donation (give US$__ every __ months)? Can recurring donations count towards membership?

Visit our Recurring Donations form to make a recurring donation. Membership requires at least one donation of $10 or more. You can create a membership with a one-time donation of $10 or more or a recurring donation that is $10 or more such that each donation of $10 or more will qualify as a membership renewal. Recurring donations of under $10 per donation will not count toward membership.

I’ve made a recurring donation. Can I get a thank-you gift when my donation total adds up to that amount?

Yes! You will receive instructions on how to select a thank-you gift in your donation receipt. When you reach that donation total for your selected gift, we’ll send it to you. Please contact the Development & Membership Committee if you have any questions.