Free Copyright Course for Fans

CopyrightX is a free online course on copyright open to people around the world. Although the OTW does not have any official relationship with CopyrightX, they have been in contact with members of our Legal Committee about their wish to reach fans who are interested in learning more about copyright and fair use. As a result we are sharing this invitation with our readers and users. The course is also open to any member of the public.

CopyrightX is a twelve-week networked course, offered each year under the auspices of Harvard Law School, the HarvardX distance-learning initiative, and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society. The course explores the current law of copyright and the ongoing debates concerning how that law should be reformed. Through a combination of pre-recorded lectures, assigned readings, weekly seminars, live webcasts, and online discussions, participants in the course examine and assess the ways in which law seeks to stimulate and regulate creative expression.

There is a two-step process to apply. You may first request access to the application. You will then be sent an ID code and a link in order to fill out the application. The application period will close at the deadline of 23:59 (11:59 PM EST) on December 4, 2022 (What time is that in my timezone?)

Please contact the CopyrightX team at copyrightxcourse at if you have any questions (not the OTW or its Legal Committee).


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