Franzeska Dickson resigns from OTW Board

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After almost two years as a Director, we are sorry to announce that Franzeska Dickson will be stepping down from Board service. She is leaving due to personal issues, and while we hate to see her go, we’re pleased she’s taking care of herself and putting her needs first.

We realize the number of directors is very low right now, and the Board will be holding an internal meeting in June to discuss related topics with staff and volunteers. These will include plans for this year’s elections, the possibility of appointments, and what people would like to see happen with the Board. The Board will have updates on this once the meeting has been held and they have had time to synthesize the ideas from OTW staff and volunteers.

In the meantime, the OTW would like to take this opportunity to thank Franzi again for her work as Director and for her dedicated service to the organization.


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