First Times

Different Tropes for Different Folks – OTW Membership Drive October 2015

Do you remember your first fandom? The first time you discovered a new fanwork that was just perfect for you? The first time you found a fan community? The first time you ever watched fan video or listened to a podfic? The first time you made friends with another fan online? The first time you shipped something?

Whatever the experience, a first time is unique.

What was your first time with us like? Did a friend rec you a fanwork on AO3? Did you find TWC while you were researching for a school project? Did you find Fanlore when you were looking up a bit of fannish history online? Did you find out about our legal advocacy because you had questions about your rights as a fan? Did an older fic you loved come to the AO3 through Open Doors? Were you looking for meta when you found Fanhackers?

Tell us in the comments below how you found us. Whether you remember the OTW before we owned a single server or just found us today, we are so excited to have you with us!

Please, help us to continue to go forward together by donating today, and tell us about your first time with the OTW. We’d love to hear your story.


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