Feedback Fest 2021

Welcome to the International Fanworks Day Feedback Fest post for 2021! 

Whether you’re a consumer or a creator, if you’re here it’s a safe bet to say that you love fanworks – and we do too! 

Back in January, we asked you to collect any ‘lesser-known’ fanworks that you felt deserved more love, whether they were in smaller fandoms, for smaller ships, included lesser-used tropes, or were just works you liked that you thought deserved more hits and kudos. This post (and the matching post over on AO3) is here for you to celebrate all of these works! Here’s what to do:

Leave a comment sharing any fanworks you think count as ‘lesser-known,’ including a link and a reason why you love them! You don’t have to think too hard about the criteria – it’s just for fun! 

If a work you loved deserves more exposure, whether it’s got low hits in a popular fandom or is for a fandom with hardly any works, or any other criteria you can think of, we want to hear about it.

Don’t forget to check out other people’s suggestions, and leave a kudos, comment, or bookmark to let the creator know you enjoyed their work too! 

We can’t wait to see all the wonderful works you have to recommend to us this year, so get to it!

  1. Alex commented:

    This is an amazing work, exploring post canon possibilities in a very nuanced way. It’s true to the realities of that particular world and true to the characters, it’s also written in a lovely way. The fic is called The Good Fight and is being updated at amazing speed, the pairing is Abby/Ellie from the TLoU, this pairing doesn’t have enough fanfics in my opinion and this work in particular is exceedingly good:

  2. ee11 commented:
    I LOVE this story. The characters… setting… story… humor!!!! In a pseudo-surrealist-but-totally-somehow-realistic future you have to put sentient AI out of its misery, and there’s cowboys and yakuza and girls with guns in their shoulders. It’s so original and vivid I want it to become famous already so I can talk about it with everybody. Everything I want in a story. This part is complete but there is a sequel in progress too!

  3. Alice commented:
    These fics are so cute!!! Both are Ultra Magnus/Soundwave post war, rebuilding revolving around Soundwave being typically underfed during the war and Magnus takes note so he makes sure to give Soundwave an extra ration. In Given, he even bakes in his free time and always lets Soundwave treat himself. Both are very adorable and it’s a rarepair through and through.

  4. jdale commented:

    I have two:

    – “What is Revealed to Us” ( It’s a Wicked/Frozen crossover wherein Elphie and Glinda are reincarnated as Elsa and Anna. Reincarnation isn’t usually my thing, so the fact that I like this as much as I do really says something. Maybe it’s because Elsa and Elphaba are such similar characters to begin with, but…seeing Anna help Elsa work through her memories of her past life is just really sweet and heartwarming and I just really like seeing both of these pairs of characters get a happy ending.

    – “Where our Pieces Fall in Place” ( It’s a Stargate Atlantis fic that retells the aftermath of “Common Ground” through the eyes of Chuck the Gate Technician. The perspective is really what makes this one; it reminds us that we as fans are privileged to get to see a side of the characters that they rarely show to anyone in-universe, and that sort of frames the emotional intensity of the story and makes the characters seem like real people with real emotions.

  5. Emily commented:

    Not only is this written from what I would consider a lesser known fandom, it’s the only fic written for this pairing and I love it! I love the pairing and I love the fic. It’s so cute and they go together so well. It’s Mary/Kitty from the Ghosts (2019) fandom.

  6. NeonCity commented:

    I’m from the fandom of NCT which itself is a minor fandom compared to the other old and large fanbases and then I’m even in these ships, Doil and Wooil which are also just as underrated in our ficdom.

    This story is not only beautifully written but the concept and plot is just filled with emotions. One moment you’re smiling idiotically and the other moment you’re crying your heart out. It is sad story though but I just love to kill myself with kindness.

  7. Jade commented:

    Tadaretsu is a small ship within the Aggretsuko fandom since everyone else is shipping the nain character with a guy she doesn’t like, but Retsuko and Tadano had a lot of chemistry and Anna Aalora and Sibylatrix are basically holding up the Tadaretsu fandom with their stories and even fancomics!

    Their stories:

  8. mariandel commented:

    the opera fandom has some serious fics out there! there’s a very small community shared between tumblr/ao3 but it would be lovely to get a spotlight on there. there’s some truly creative stories and writing that will simply take your breath away. I would love for the authors and contributors in that fandom to get some more attention, they deserve it for all their hard work! a lot of people don’t even know the community exists, so more exposure would bring both new and current fans.

    some recs: dans les etoiles by larondine (la boheme)(; fimbulwinter by elsane (die walkure, norse mythology) (; who prays for her, for you by raspberryhunter (la traviata) (

    lots of love, m

  9. Le commented:

    It’s an amazing story exploring the the post-Canon possibilities of the Hannibal /Will Graham pairing of the show Hannibal. It has a great pace, the characters are true to the original work and it has that certain sexual tension/ pining that draws you in and makes you feel actual feelings. It’s an overall great story and I would highly recommend it to Fannibals.