Feedback Fest 2020

Welcome to the International Fanworks Day Feedback Fest for 2020!

If you are visiting us here at the Organization for Transformative Works then it’s a safe bet that you, like us, love fanworks. This is your chance to celebrate some of your favorites. Here’s what to do:

Leave a comment below recommending at least three fanworks and saying something about why you love them. You might want to tell us the best three fanworks you’ve encountered this past year, or maybe link your recommendations with a theme, a trope or a ship. Or maybe you just want to tell us the first three fanworks that come to mind.

You can also make a recommendation post on social media and link it here, or tag it with #FeedbackFest for people to find. Remember that fan communities, newsletters, archives, and other resources are fanworks too, so there are many possibilities!

If you decide to check out some of the recommendations that you see, then be sure to leave comments, likes, kudos, or other feedback on the fanworks you are visiting so that you can spread the love.

So, let’s get to it. Jump into the comments section with your recommendations and show your favorite creators how much their fanworks mean to you!

  1. Alex Deontra commented:

    stay in place (sing a chorus), also known as the forest fic, it is a really good heart wrenching, and tear jerking story. It takes a while to get through but is an overall great read. The Wrath of Emerald Eyes is a really good Louis x Harry fanfictions (Larry) and I would say its one of the best that I have ever read. Baby, Please Come Home is a good story for when you don’t know what else to read.

  2. Meimi commented:

    “Jason Todd: The Not-So-Outlaw” by GoAwayOlivia
    Batman Fandom
    I absolutely adore anyone who writes all of the Batkids with equal consideration and like they’re characters worthy of good characterizations. But Jason here, man oh man, this is one of the best Jasons I have ever seen and probably ever will. He’s amazing. The story’s amazing.

    “Back From the Future: Episode VI The Clone Wars” by Ariel_Sojourner
    Star Wars Fandom
    I’m a sucker for time travel fix-it fics and this one is just incredible. Luke is impossibly charming, the clones are impossibly charming, Darth Vader is somehow also impossibly charming. Still really hits you hard on the heartstrings though, bring a box of tissues.

    “All for You” by porcelainepeony
    Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Fandom (Yusaku/Ai)
    I just got into this show right after it ended thanks to a friend on twitter. Loved it to absolute pieces despite its obvious production woes, but I don’t think I would’ve dived into the fandom so hard if I hadn’t read this fic. It is the pinnacles of my feelings after season 3 put into prose. I love it. It is everything I want post-series.

  3. TexMex Darling commented:

    The Department by Lokilickedme is unique, funny and intriguing, the two male leads, Hiddleston and Hozier. Jack Montague by Lokilickedme is a sci-fi romance that melds the worlds of Loki (Marvel) and Adam in Only Lovers left alive (OLLA). The Carmichael Addendum by Lokilickedme is also a Sci-Fi romance with other worldly beings and slayers. All of these stories have strong, quirky, slightly—flawed-but working-it-out female leads that are relatable.

    • lokilickedme commented:

      Thank you so much for this TexMex! <3 <3

  4. AlexSeanchai commented:

    whose woods these are (I think I know.) by Reiaji is a Miraculous Ladybug AU in a medieval-fantasy-type setting, starring Adrien as Cinderella and Ladybug as the warrior magician he falls in love with, who invites him to Princess Marinette’s ball. Love square. Reiaji’s prose, especially the figurative language, is beautiful.

    lullabye for the new world order by synecdochic is a Final Fantasy VII AU in which a couple of characters meet a few years sooner, and learn a few things before it’s too late. Tifa/Tseng, Rufus/Tseng. synecdochic writes so many layers to everything, and deftly handles issues of disability that other writers might ignore or botch.

    Seeking Shelters by GuardianKarenTerrier is a Miraculous Ladybug story that wasn’t a canon divergence AU when they started writing it, in which Adrien runs away from home and then starts figuring out both that he had reason to and that magic has a higher price than anyone expected. Karen writes both the aftermath of trauma and the way people care for each other in a viscerally relatable way (see also what worse luck).

  5. Lee Lasky commented:

    Misreall brings a whole new alternate universe to life in The Tale of the Golden Horn. It’s a most exciting and saucy adventure through the skies and across the realms, enemies to lovers as the most notorious sky pirate Loki captures his nemesis and love of his life, Captain Aenor who has been chasing him for years to bring him to justice.

  6. Lee Lasky commented:

    Latent_Thoughts and EmeraldRoseQuartz are a new dream team writing the most enticing and addictive enemies to lovers story filled with animosity and political intrigue called I Will Always be Test You. King Loki and Iona juggle ruling the 9 realms while navigating their own complicated and tumultuous relationship in a deadlock of wit, cunning, lust, and mutual loathing morphing into love and respect.

  7. Lee Lasky commented:

    Caffiend has perfected the hardened multilayered Dark male lead, leaving you begging him to deconstruct your own tough exterior and rebuild your you better and stronger than ever before. Her violent and graphic action scenes and heated explicit sex scenes force you and the main characters to discover strengths, vulnerabilities, needs, and desires they never knew they had or I, the reader, had. 🙂 Caffiend’s most recent currents work is Everyone Has A Vice, Pine. What Is Yours?