Does the OTW represent all of fandom?

The OTW neither wants to nor can speak for all of fandom: fandom is huge, no matter how you define it. Right now, the OTW wants to provide a useful, searchable, reliable and stable home for all fanfiction regardless of rating or fandom, and in the longer term expand to other fanworks. In order to do that, we’re trying to set up a stable, defensible infrastructure—that’s the OTW.

We welcome all fandoms in the OTW’s projects, including the Archive of Our Own, the Transformative Works and Cultures journal, and the Fanlore wiki. All of us engaged in making transformative fannish works face a common set of legal issues; we’d like to help fellow fans fight off pointless cease & desist letters, or find legal help if they’ve got a good case and want to pursue it.

We are trying to find allies and make connections before there’s any trouble, while also explaining to the world why there shouldn’t be trouble, because fans are loyal customers.

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