Fans: Help the EFF Help You!

Did you lose fanworks or other files in the Megaupload seizure? The EFF wants to help!

Fans – particularly podficcers and vidders – were among the groups hit hard by the Megaupload seizure, and the OTW wants to help the EFF connect with fans who lost files. The EFF has already begun to take action on behalf of people who’ve had their files seized: if you lost files when Megaupload went down, the EFF would like to hear from you. Please contact [email protected] and tell them your story!

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  1. Rhea commented:

    I had several long podfics on Megaupload. This might not be a comprehensive list but some are as follows:

    Deceptions part 6 of the Ion Arc 6hr 25 min 45 seconds, in two parts of ~ 2.5 hrs on Megaupload now supported on Paraka’s website
    The Doll 6 hr 56 min 1st part (5 hr 33 min) on megaupload now available on audiofic archive only.
    A Deeper Season 10 hrs 52 minutes, 2 parts 5.5 hrs each ~ now just on audiofic archive
    The Tennant 1 hr 59 minutes now only on audiofic
    Pawns 9 hrs 36 minutes, two parts now available through paraka and audiofic
    Chiaroscuro 11 hours 6 minutes 2 parts now available on audiofic.
    Your head caught in a waking dream 2.5 hours

    I didn’t loose anything since all of it was backed up to the archive already (thank god) and I keep copies on an external hard drive, but I now find it frustrating because there’s now forum for 5 hour sized podfics to be uploaded to. Paraka’s website is awesome but for people who need mediafire/megaupload/etc style downloading and cant do the same right-click save for whatever reason it kinda sucks. I don’t know if this is helpful for you guys or not to know. I don’t want/honestly don’t care about getting access to the files. I’ve got my work so I’m not freaking out over loosing anything, it just was annoying to have to reupload my podfics to new servers and go back and change all the links. And any time someone finds a podfic I haven’t reupped and comments and then I feel bad that I haven’t had time to get around to it yet.