Fanlore Wants You!

It’s the middle of 2011, and the Fanlore wiki committee is feeling the need for some new energy and new enthusiasm. We’re also short on members, so we’re putting out a call: we are looking for more fans to join the Fanlore Wiki Committee!

What’s the wiki committee, exactly? The wiki committee is a group of volunteers which works to keep Fanlore up and running.

What projects is the wiki committee working on? One of our big areas of focus this year is trying to increase fannish diversity on the wiki, and on outreach to fan communities which are (so far) under-represented on Fanlore. Lately we’ve also been working on shifting how categories work on the wiki.

Do I already have to be an OTW volunteer in order to join the wiki committee? Nope! We welcome anyone who wants to join the committee, whether or not that person is already an OTW staffer/volunteer. (Becoming an OTW staffer/volunteer is easy, we promise.)

What’s the time commitment? The wiki committee usually meets via chat for one or two hours every two weeks. We do the rest of our work via email and via Basecamp, the website used by all of the OTW committees to work collaboratively on our various projects.

I don’t know how to edit wiki pages, is that a problem? Not at all. We can teach you! And also, some of our work (especially the outreach work) doesn’t involve actual wiki editing at all.

Are you looking for any skills in particular? We could definitely use some CSS experts; we’re also especially interested in folks who are enthusiastic about helping us to reach out to communities currently under-represented on the wiki.

I think I’m interested. What do I do? Drop a comment on this post or contact us and we’ll get back to you asap!

I don’t have the time for this, but I know someone else who might. Feel free to spread the word in your own journal or via email to anyone you think would be a good fit.

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