Fanlore: Preserving Fannish Memories

Fanlore is a library and its shelves are lined with your fandoms.

No, really! Fanlore is a collection of fannish memories, complete with a bibliography, glossary, chronology, and scribbled annotations in the margins. Fanlore wants you to add the urban legends you tell around the campfire and on memes, the happy memories you share when you chat with other fans, and the gifs of your fandom, all grown up, that you show new acquaintances on Tumblr. Fanlore wants to archive artifacts from your fannish communities and leave space on the shelves for future endowments.

And how can Fanlore do that? Fanlore is entirely user-driven, a wiki created, edited, and updated by fans, for fans. Fanlore recognizes and embraces fandom as a large, diverse, culture-rich community. Your favorite tropes. Your favorite fanworks. Your favorite traditions.

Fanlore is a library fueled by the passion of fans for the preservation of their fannish histories. Fanlore is also fueled by the Organization for Transformative Works. Without the support of OTW members, Fanlore would not be able to bring together and preserve the many parts of fannish histories that interested readers may be searching for. Donating time, money, or public displays of affection to the OTW all help guarantee that Fanlore can continue to document our fandoms and tell our stories.

Help us preserve fannish memories for years to come — please donate today.

We’d love to hear what you think of Fanlore and the rest of OTW’s projects. Please let us know by taking the OTW Community Survey between now and May 2.

Fanlore, Spotlight

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