Fair Use School

Kudos to Patrick McKay for winning Public Knowledge’s “Copyright School” Video Challenge, a contest that asked remixers to come up with a more balanced education video than YouTube’s “Copyright School” (which, notoriously, featured a squirrel in a pirate hat.) You can see the video here:

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  1. Ben Finney commented:

    Not to bad at all.

    I’d prefer a few less “probably”, replaced by actual guidance for the viewer on how they can determine what’s likely to get them in trouble.

    The use of ghostbusters-style circle-with-slash is inconsistent; sometimes it indicates “forbidden”, which is appropriate, and sometimes it indicates “not needed”, which is confusing. Maybe would be clarified with more green tick-mark indicating “okay”.

    Overall, though, a damned fine response to the patronising YouTube video. Thanks!

    • fcoppa commented:

      I agree, though as our chair of legal is always saying, trouble’s kind of relative, in practice: someone can cause a lot of trouble for you even if they’re wrong and even if they ultimately have no case and will lose. So I can see where the probablies are a good hedge against that.