Extending the DMCA Exemption for Noncommercial Remixers

Legal and vidding committee members Rebecca Tushnet, Rachael Vaughn and Francesca Coppa have collaborated with the EFF on a proposal (download the .pdf) to the Library of Congress to renew and extend the DMCA exemption for Noncommercial Remixers. The current exemption gives noncommercial remix artists – like fan video artists and political remixers – the right to rip DVDs, breaking their encryption, for the purpose of making a fair use video, and the request covers that as well as using sources like Amazon Unbox where material isn’t available on DVD.

The papers were filed December 1, 2011 and contain statements from and interviews with a number of fans – so thank you everyone who told us their stories!

The OTW will be sending representatives to Washington in the early part of next year to testify in favor of these exemptions, so stay tuned for more news.

Lastly, those of you interested in fan vidding might be interested in this documentary by Abigail Christensen.

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