Events Calendar for January

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Welcome to our Events Calendar roundup for the month of January! The Events Calendar can be found on the OTW website and is open to submissions by anyone with news of an event. These can be viewed by event-type, such as Academic Conferences, Fan Events and Fests, Legal Events, OTW Events, or Technology Events taking place around the world.

  • Author signups are now open for Marvel’s X-Factor Big Bang, which will focus on the spinoff of the X-Men universe. Author signups continue until March 1, and artist signups open April 1.

  • IllogiCon, January 9-11 in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, is a convention “run by, and for, people who are brought together by their desire to share an interest in Science Fiction, more commonly known as Fans.” Guests of honor include Jacqueline Carey, New York Times-bestselling author whose works include the Kushiel’s Legacy series and the Agent of Hel contemporary fantasy series, and Christopher J Garcia, a winner of a 2011 Hugo for Best Fanzine.

  • Founded in 1974 as the “AA Relax-I-Con” by the University of Michigan Science Fiction Club, Back to the ConFusion has been held every year since. Guests of honor include author Karen Lord, researcher Dr. Cynthia Chestek, and “gaming gurus” Monte Cook and Shanna Germain. The con is January 16-18 in Detroit, Michigan.

  • AOD 2015, January 31-February 1 in San Francisco, California, celebrates anime, video games, cartoons, and “other fun and geeky stuff.” Guests of honor for this year’s event are Robbie Daymond (Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon), Little Kuriboh (creator of YuGiOh: The Abridged Series), and voice actor Marianne Miller (Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Sword Art Online).

Calls for Papers this month come from:

  • The Velvet Light Trap, a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal of film, television, and new media, is a collaboration between graduate students of the University of Wisconsin at Madison and The University of Texas at Austin. Issue 77, “Performance and the Body,” seeks both to advance discussions of the centrality of the body to performance studies and to encourage greater scholarly attention to performative bodies across mediums. Papers are due January 15.

  • Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy is “an open-access online journal that explores multiple aspects of American and global popular culture and offers a scholarly examination of the broader culture in which we live, addressing relationships between literature, culture, music, technology, gender, ethnicity, and media.” Papers are due January 16, and the journal will be published February 2016.

  • The Journal of Fandom Studies “offers scholars a dedicated publication that promotes current scholarship in the fields of fan and audience studies across a variety of media.” Submit proposals by February 1 for the upcoming special Music and Fandom issue. Topics can include musical fan communities, popular music fandom, fans as musical producers/fan-musicians, and more.

The OTW encourages anyone to submit an event that’s not already listed, and to check out the calendar throughout the year!


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