End of Year Reminder 2010

We’re drawing toward the end of the year, a busy time on both fannish and non-fannish fronts for many of us. We wanted to be sure to remind you that the next few weeks are your last chance to qualify for tax deductions in 2010 (United States). If you’ve been thinking about donating to the OTW but haven’t done so yet, you may want to take a look at your finances and see whether it would be to your benefit to do so before December 31. And if you’re employed, please find out if your employer offers matching donations! Every dollar you give could be worth two dollars to the OTW. You can learn more about how to get your donation matched by your employer on the support the OTW page (scroll down to where it says, “If your employer offers matching donations, you may be able to double your gift!”)

Of course, we’re glad of donations of money or help at any time — if you’d like to give of your time and effort as well as, or instead of, your money, please see our Willing to Serve post for descriptions of how you can help with the OTW’s various projects.

We’re also offering a variety of premiums for your donation over US$50. Mugs, thermoses, totebags! Celebrate the OTW and get something for yourself this season!


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