Donations and Membership FAQ

Donations and Membership

How can I make a donation to the OTW?

To make a donation, go to our donation form.

Thank you for your support! If you have any questions or issues completing your donation, please contact the Development & Membership Committee.

Can I donate via check? Where do I send it to?

Yes, if you’re a United States resident. Unfortunately, we cannot accept checks from outside the US at the moment. Please fill out our donation form, select the “I will send payment by check” option, and send your check to:

Organization for Transformative Works, Inc.
228 Park Ave S #18156
New York, New York 10003-1502

Check donations may take up to 3 weeks to be deposited. If you have any questions, please contact the Development & Membership Committee.

Can I donate via cash or money order?

Yes, if you donate in US dollars, but cash and money orders will only be accepted as a non-membership donation. For membership purposes, we need to be able to connect your payment with a bank account or credit card so that we can verify that you’re a real person and an individual when we hold elections.

To donate, send the money to:

Organization for Transformative Works, Inc.
228 Park Ave S #18156
New York, New York 10003-1502

If you have any questions about this, please contact the Development & Membership Committee.

Can I donate in currencies other than US dollars?

Yes, you can make donations online using our donation form. (Please note that we cannot accept cash or check donations in currencies other than US dollars.) When you donate using our online form, you will be asked to specify the donation amount in US dollars on the form; afterwards, you can complete the payment using a credit card or PayPal.

Please contact the Development & Membership Committee or PayPal support for further assistance.

Are donations to the OTW tax-deductible? If so, what’s your EIN?

Yes, in the United States. The OTW is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations made to us are tax-deductible. Our Employer Identification Number is 38-3765024; it will also be included in your donation receipt for your records.

Please note that if you are located outside the US, your contribution may or may not be tax-deductible. You should consult with a tax adviser and see whether a gift to a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization qualifies for a tax deduction under your local laws.

Please contact the Development & Membership Committee if you have further questions about this.

Why do you request my name and address in the donation form? Can I donate anonymously?

For membership donations, we need to link each donation to a specific individual for legal purposes, in order to avoid one person giving multiple times and having the right to several votes. (Read Why do you require a membership fee to give someone the right to vote in OTW elections? below to know more.)

Your information is safe with us, and we have a strong commitment to data security. We will never connect your legal and fannish identities. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

If you wish to donate without providing an address, you can make a non-membership donation using cash or money order (only in US dollars). Please refer to Can I donate via cash or money order? above.

Please contact the Development & Membership Committee if you have further questions.

What’s the difference between a membership donation and a non-membership donation?

A membership donation makes you an OTW member: you can vote in our annual elections for the Board of Directors. For more information about our elections process, please visit the OTW Elections website or contact the Elections team.

A non-membership donation, while greatly appreciated, does not make you an OTW member and confers no voting benefits.

Why do you require a membership fee to give someone the right to vote in OTW elections?

Like many nonprofits, the OTW uses a membership fee as a straightforward and easy-to-check requirement to ensure that each member is a single individual. Otherwise one person could create multiple membership accounts to have multiple votes in our elections.

These fees also go to help support the OTW—to pay the operating costs for both the organization and all of our projects, so that we do not need to use advertising or charge fees to users. We intend to keep our minimum donation low to ensure that it is not a barrier to entry for anyone who cares about the organization, but we hope that most members will give more if they can!

Can I buy a gift membership for someone else?

To ensure that all voting members of the OTW are in fact real individuals in order to hold fair elections, we cannot allow gift memberships. You’re welcome to make donations in honor of others through our form, but these donations will not confer membership status upon them.

Will a membership get me an AO3 invitation?

No. OTW memberships and AO3 accounts are not linked in any way. To get an AO3 account, please join the invitation queue. Donations to the OTW help us keep the Archive running, so we welcome your support, but we are committed to offering AO3 as a free service for everyone. There is no connection between individual donations and accounts on the Archive.

If you have questions about AO3 invitations, please contact AO3 Support.

Will my OTW membership be tied to my AO3 account?

No, OTW memberships and AO3 accounts are not linked in any way. The OTW strongly supports the right of fans to separate fannish and non-fannish identities. We will never connect the two, and the databases that contain membership information and AO3 account information are entirely separate. Our storage and usage of your data is governed by our Privacy Policy.

How long does a membership last? How do I know if I can vote?

Your membership lasts for one year counting from your most recent donation. If your donation is received by the “Record Date” for an election or vote, you’ll be eligible to vote in that election, and you’ll receive email notifications with more information about an election or vote when it occurs. The “Record Date” for an election or vote will be 30-60 days before an election ends, and the date(s) of any election period will be publicized at least 14 days before the Record Date.

If you’re not sure when you last donated, please contact the Development & Membership Committee.

Where does my donation go? How does the OTW spend its money?

Your donation supports the OTW’s operations and its projects. We’re an all-volunteer organization, so the bulk of our expenses goes towards our projects’ upkeep.

To learn more about our recent expenses and prospective budget, check out the following:

If you have any more questions, please contact the Development & Membership Committee.

Can I make a donation earmarked for a specific OTW project or expense?

There’s currently no way of earmarking donations for a single OTW project or expense. There are several expenses that are non-project-specific and related to the organisation as a whole: for instance, the software that our volunteers use to host meetings and make plans; the server hosting that works for both our internal documentation and AO3 content; and the firewall that protects Fanlore, the Archive and our internal storage. Donations go towards the upkeep of all these and other OTW projects.

How do I get a summary of all my donations in this fiscal year?
What’s a thank-you gift? How can I get one?

Thank-you gifts are optional items that you may choose to receive if you donate over US$40. The list of gifts available changes regularly. Please visit our donation form to know what the current selection is.

I’ve made a recurring donation. Can I get a thank-you gift when my donation total adds up to that amount?

Yes! You will receive instructions on how to select a thank-you gift in your donation receipt. When you reach that donation total for your selected gift, we’ll send it to you. Please contact the Development & Membership Committee if you have any questions.

How can I schedule a recurring donation (give US$__ every __ months)? Can recurring donations count towards membership?

Visit our donation form to make a recurring donation.

Membership requires at least one donation of $10 or more. You can create a membership with a one-time donation of $10 or more or a recurring donation that is $10 or more such that each donation of $10 or more will qualify as a membership renewal. Recurring donations of under $10 per donation will not count toward membership.

How can I cancel or change the recurring donation amount I had previously scheduled, or change the credit card I used?

To cancel your recurring donation, select your last contribution in PayPal and go to “Manage payments for …,” or go to the Payments tab on your PayPal Settings page. Recurring donations cannot be edited. If you wish to change your recurring donation, you must first cancel it and then set up a new one.

To change the credit card used in a donation, you will need to alter the PayPal transaction details. Please refer to PayPal help for more information about this, and contact PayPal support for assistance.

If I donate in honor of someone, will they get a notification?

No. Providing an email address for the ‘In Honor of’ section of the donation form is optional and does not generate any notification, although the honoree will receive any general emails sent to all donors.

I can’t donate right now, but I would like to support your work. Can I volunteer in the OTW instead?

All our currently open positions are listed on the Volunteer page. If a position you are interested in isn’t listed there at this time, check the page again later, and keep an eye out for new openings. We always publish information about new positions on OTW news outlets.