Donate before Sukkot

Dear OTW members and friends!

If Judaism is part of your life, you probably know that we’ve just made it through the rollercoaster of the High Holidays (also known as the Days of Awe — hence the daysofawesome fanworks comm) and in just a few days (October 12) we’ll hit the festival of Sukkot.

I’m writing to encourage you to donate to the OTW now: between one set of holidays and the next. Some of us maintain the practice of not using technology on yom tov / major festival days (like the first and last days of Sukkot) — whether or not that’s you, why not make your donation now? There’s no better way to kick off your 5772 than by supporting an organization which does work you care about.

Sukkot is known as the festival of ingathering, when we bring in our harvest (which these days is more likely metaphorical and spiritual than physical). Help the OTW bring in a rich and abundant harvest to support the org’s work in months to come! And hey: if you find yourself writing Sukkot fic in any of your fandoms, drop a link.

(The only fanwork I know of which mentions Sukkot is the classic Trek zine Tales of Feldman; if you’ve got other links to add to this list, let me know.)

One way or another, we at the OTW wish you a שנה טובה ומתוקה/ shanah tovah u-metukah: a good and sweet new year!


Rabbi Rachel Barenblat
OTW Board


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