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Those who enjoy fanzines, or who were part of Star Trek fandom in its early years, may enjoy the following story, and even want to lend a hand!

Steven H. Wilson is an author and has worked for DC Comics and Starlog Magazine. He’s also the founder of the Farpoint convention, and his award-winning audio science fiction series, The Arbiter Chronicles, can be heard on his weekly podcast. In a recent post he discussed his early days in fandom, and how important a particular Trek fanzine was in his life.

Contact was founded by two sisters in 1975. Bev Volker and Nancy Kippax were active members of the Trek fandom, running conventions and editing various zines. Stephen discusses how he met both of them, and what followed from there, both personally and professionally. He also issues an invitation to others who remember the two sisters and their work, both of whom passed away in the past decade:

“So I’ve finally brought to life this week. Right now it’s just a few blog entries and a couple of scans of the first issue of their zine. It’s a work in progress. As the weeks go by, I want to add more scans, to get the stories formatted so they can be read in HTML and put into true eBook formats, and to add the memories of all of those who still remember Bev, Nancy, Contact, and those times gone by.

Check it out, if you’re interested, and, if you feel moved to help, let me know! I could sure use someone to help me edit. None of these zines were produced using computers. The stories exist now only as xerox copies or typewritten drafts. They must be scanned and OCR’d, and that means the electronic versions are pretty error-ridden and need to be proofed and corrected prior to re-publication.

Above all, if you were part of Contact, as a writer, artist, friend or reader, I hope you’ll post some memories at”

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