Different Tropes for Different Folks – October 2015 Drive

Different Tropes for Different Folks – OTW Membership Drive October 2015

We all have different reasons for getting into fandom, like an internet search that led us to an unexpected piece of art, a friend who showed us a favorite vid, or a parent who shared a treasured zine. Similarly, we all have different reasons for donating to the Organization for Transformative Works.

Some of us donate because we love AO3. Some of us donate because we’re passionate about legal advocacy for fans. Some of us want to put our support behind preserving fan sites and fan histories through Open Doors and Fanlore. And, just as some of us are multishippers, some of us can’t pick a favorite because we love all of the OTW’s projects.

The good news is we don’t have to pick just one project to support! The money raised during this drive will go toward continuing all of the OTW’s work by funding our operating costs for the next six months, setting a strong foundation for our future in 2016.

You can help us meet our goal of US$ 175,000 with a one-time donation in any amount, or with a monthly recurring donation. Donations over US$50 will qualify you for a thank-you gift.

Whether you found fandom via a Google search for your favorite character, an article about remix culture on your favorite news site, or novelizations of your favorite films; whether you found the OTW through LiveJournal, Tumblr, a friend, or a family member, please join us over the next week as we celebrate the OTW and its projects with our favorite tropes.

Please join us, too, in providing the financial support needed to preserve and defend access to those fan efforts by donating to the OTW today!


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