Could You Win an OTW Trivia Contest?

POST UPDATE: The trivia contest is now CLOSED.. Congratulations to our winners, Ashley Q, BelaBelissima, CIL78, Courtney, Crayonsurpapier, Cyn, Destiny, IsabelClover, Kostia, Jill, Livi, Liviania, Mark R., Nrandom, Oxymora, Penelope, rhps_brad_fan, soshisenshi, Syrenian, TaterPie, Vita_Sine_Fantasy_Mors_Est

We received 175 entries and 90 of those had all 5 correct answers. For those curious about what they were, here are some links:

1 – The U.S. Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet (a Subcommittee of the House Committee on the Judiciary )

2 – and German Speaking Slashers United

3 – Either or both of these two challenges:

“Pick a page – stub or not! – of a fandom, character, relationship, trope, person, or anything else at Fanlore. Add five details to it, large or small – bullet-point lists or full paragraphs, whatever you can think of!”

“As the observation of Women’s History Month in many parts of the world wraps up, why not give one last hurrah to the amazing women in our favourite canons? Tell us all about your fannish experiences with women characters — the women themselves, the relationships they’re in (het, lesbian, canonical, fannish, whatever!), the fanworks they star in — whatever you can think of! Stub out pages, or add a sprinkle of information on an existing page.”

4 – November 18

5 – Volume 9 and Ian Roberts

Thanks to everyone who took part, and also for the many good wishes included with those entries. We’re glad you had fun finding the answers. We have our final 2 chat events to celebrate our anniversary this weekend so we hope to see you there!

You just might, especially if you have good search-fu!

This is how it will work:

  1. Answer the five questions we have listed below. Only one entry per person
  2. Submit those answers to our Communications Committee. (Put “OTW Trivia” in the Subject line)
  3. Let us know what name or pseudonym you’d prefer we use when we announce the winners.
  4. We can’t guarantee you’ll receive a particular prize, but you can include your top 3 choices in order of preference.

Please do NOT post your answers in a comment.

In 72 hours we will be reviewing all the submissions and randomly selecting 10 winners from all the correct responses we receive. If we do not receive enough correct responses to qualify for the prizes we will include entries with 4 correct answers, or 3 correct answers, etc. until we have 21 winners.

Winners will be notified by email and have 72 hours to provide us with a mailing address for us to send their prize to. We will ship internationally, so everyone can participate. But if we do not hear back from you within that 3 day time frame we will be randomly choosing another winner in your place. (Please check your spam folders!)

What are the prizes?

For our 10th anniversary we will have 10 prizes. Four of these prizes were generously donated to us for this event by author Tamora Pierce! These are autographed hardback copies of her Song of the Lioness series. You will be able to choose from Alanna: The First Adventure, In the Hand of the Goddess, The Woman Who Rides Like a Man, or Lioness Rampant.

In addition we have:

  1. A Season 3 DVD set of Supernatural autographed by Ghostfacers, Travis Wester and A.J. Buckley (NTSC format)
  2. An OTW logo pen
  3. A copy of the book The First 28 Years of Monty Python
  4. A copy of the book Buffy the Vampire Slayer Watcher’s Guide Volume 1
  5. 2 OTW stickers and a temporary tattoo for each of our projects
  6. A large totebag advertising the services of wizard detective, Harry Dresden (in black, 51 by 40 centimeters/20 inches by 16 inches)

But there’s more! Since we made our anniversary announcement the folks at First Second Books got in touch with us and offered an additional 11 prizes. These are graphic novels and they will ship them directly to the winners. The titles are:

  1. Castle in the Stars, by Alex Alice
  2. Spill Zone, by Scott Westerfeld and Alex Puvilland
  3. Cast No Shadow, by Nick Tapalansky and Anissa Espinosa
  4. Compass South, by Hope Larson and Rebecca Mock
  5. Pashmina, by Nidhi Chanani
  6. Foiled, by Jane Yolen and Mike Cavallaro
  7. Shattered Warrior, by Sharon Shinn and Molly Ostertag
  8. Tetris, by Box Brown
  9. Spinning, by Tillie Walden
  10. Exquisite Corpse, by Penelope Bagieu
  11. The Prince and the Dressmaker, by Jen Wang

Ready to play? Here are your questions:

  1. In 2014 Naomi Novik testified for the OTW before who (specifically) about why fair use was important to fans?
  2. So far, among the archives Open Doors has imported into the AO3 have been two specifically for non-English fanworks. What are they called?
  3. What challenge did Fanlore issue to visitors and users in March 2011?
  4. On what day in 2009 was the first AO3 News post made that shared stats with graphs about the site’s growth?
  5. In what issue of Transformative Works and Cultures did an article appear about the history of the anime music video in Western fandom, and who was the author?

This post will be updated when the contest is closed, and we’ll announce the winners. Good luck!

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      Please check the post — all entries should be submitted via the Communications contact form.

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      Please check the post — all entries should be submitted via the Communications contact form.

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    Dear Communications Team and Webmasters

    I attempted to enter the trivia competition tonight, and was having computer difficulties using your contact form, and for some reason it sent a partial entry through at 21.37 (I was not aware this sent!) I sent the complete attempt through at 21.44 this evening. I am aware I am only allowed one entry – can you please disregard the first incomplete entry and only count my second, completed entry?

    I am very sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

    Very many thanks (also sent by email to Webmasters)

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      Hi Ruth

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      Good luck!

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        Thanks Claudia!