Copyright School Video Challenge!

Calling all vidders and remix artists! Public Knowledge is holding a Copyright School Video Challenge: to explain what you can and can’t do under fair use better than YouTube’s “copyright school”, which has been criticized for focusing more on the CAN’T than on the CAN. As Public Knowledge explains, “While ‘Copyright School’ does a great job of telling you what you can’t do with copyrighted content, it does a very poor job of telling you what you can do with copyrighted content–namely, remix, reuse and repurpose it without permission from the rightsholder as allowed under the doctirine of fair use.” The winning video will get a $1000 prize and be featured on the Public Knowledge website. Judges include political remixers Jonathan McIntosh and Elisa Kreisinger, activist and scholar Brian Rowe, and Kirby Ferguson, director of the web series Everything is a Remix.

You can find out more at and at (Important: the challenge deadline is May 23, 2011!)

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