Cool new feature on the Archive of Our Own!

As usual, Accessibility, Design and Technology have been working hard on developing more shiny new features for the Archive of Our Own. In upcoming weeks we’ll have new code for running gift exchanges on the Archive and the first version of Archive skins, and we’ll be looking for more input from users. Today we’re proud to unveil a cool new feature coded by our awesome volunteer Bod.

How many times you had that wonderful story idea you didn’t have time or energy to write? Are your wrists killing you? Worry no more: the Archive of Our Own now allows you to import directly from your brain, using the new neuro/USB 3.0 port technology.

In order to use this feature:

  • Go to ‘Import’ (linked at the top right-hand of the screen) and choose “Import from Brain”.
  • Focus intently on the scenes you wish to write. It works better to limit yourself to two or three at a time.
  • Press the ‘Submit’ button.

Note that you need to have a neuro/USB 3.0 adapter implant and associated drivers installed to your computer to use this feature.

The new feature is still in beta, so please be aware that there might be typos, minor translation mistakes and unusual background feedback to your brain. There is also a known issue with character names defaulting to ‘Adam Lambert’ when a user is distracted during import. Preview your work and check carefully before posting. If you encounter any bugs or problems, please let us know via the Support and Feedback form.

One of the great things about working on the Archive is that we’re able to make cool ideas a reality. We would like to thank James@dreamwidth for bringing this wonderful idea to us, and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

Archive of Our Own
  1. pomegranate02 commented:

    OMG! That Adam Lambert glitch happens to me all the time when I’m concentrating! I thought it was just me!

  2. Salable mystic commented:

    hahahaha, and happy April fools’ to you, too!!!

  3. noracharles commented:


  4. DarkEmeralds commented:

    I love you, AO3!

  5. rydra_wong commented:

    Okay, normally I hate and fear April 1st as only a gullible and paranoid person can, but this post is a thing of beauty. One day we’ll have the technology. One day …

  6. scribblesinink commented:

    Bwahahaha! If only….