Board Assistants Team Committee

Who We Are

The Board Assistants Team (BAT) committee helps the OTW Board of Directors with administrative tasks and project management. We also work with other committees to help coordinate and complete special projects that require extra support.

Some of our regular tasks include copyediting Board publications, moderating the OTW Board Discord server, coordinating projects, and reviewing Board documentation. Much of the BAT’s work is focused on internal OTW projects, and so we have very little outward presence (aside from moderating Board meetings on Discord) – we aren’t a committee you will often see publicizing news posts or hosting public events.

Although the BAT works very closely with the Board, BATs are not Board members and do not have the authority of Board members. For example, BATs cannot vote in Board decisions, institute OTW policy, or mediate inter-committee disputes.

Outside of our work with Board, the BAT also works with other committees to support cross-committee goals and projects. The goal of the Board is to support the OTW, and we as BATs do our best to help with that.

Internal Structure

Our team usually consists of between five and fifteen volunteers, separated into four specializations: Copy Editors/Writers, Documentation Experts, Moderators, and Project Specialists.

BAT Copy Editors/Writers help draft and edit news posts, statements, policies, and other documents for the OTW Board. BAT Documentation Experts create and review internal OTW documentation to prevent loss of institutional knowledge and improve transparency. BAT Moderators moderate both the OTW Board Discord and comments on the AO3 and OTW News Blogs. BAT Project Specialists complete special research or policy projects for the Board and other committees.

Each specialization focuses on the tasks detailed above, but we also work collaboratively and receive support from other specializations and team members. We place a heavy emphasis on working with other committees to support them with tasks if they want extra help.

On occasion, the BAT also recruits specialists to complete specific short-term projects or goals. This can be a useful way to address tasks that require more specialized expertise or knowledge that we don’t currently have on the committee.

Contact Us

If you want to learn more about the Board Assistants Team, or if you have any other questions, please contact us – we would love to hear from you.