Comment Period Extended for Fandom Skills Stories

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On October 3, the OTW’s Legal Committee asked for fans to submit stories of how they developed new skills or knowledge as a result of their fandom involvement.

We asked for people to contribute stories until October 10th since Legal had to submit comments by October 14th. This deadline has been moved forward to November so we can now continue to accept stories until October 30.

If you would like to submit your own story, please use Legal’s contact form. And thank you to all those who have already participated!

Announcement, Legal Advocacy
  1. Shirley commented:

    Fanfiction inspired me to improve my writing when I was in school. It seems like a small thing, but my writing skills helped get me into college and, after that, graduate school.

    I look at my young cousin now and see her doing things with video editing software I would never have imagined at her age because of her activities in fandom. She’s only 12. Don’t turn her into a criminal.