Celebrating the OTW’s 14th Anniversary

Break out the party hats, the Organization for Transformative Works is 14 today! We are delighted to celebrate another anniversary with you all.

The OTW’s mission since we launched has been to protect fan history and culture in all its forms. All of our projects work towards this goal. Over the past 14 years, OTW volunteers have rescued hundreds of fanworks from threatened platforms and archives; acted as a voice for fans regarding copyright legislation around the world; published 35 journal issues’ worth of peer-reviewed fan studies scholarship; built and supported a fan culture wiki that our users have edited over 1 million times; and developed an archive that now contains over 8 million fanworks.

As always, we would be unable to do any of this without the support of our members, users, and the massive number of volunteers who keep the OTW running and we would therefore like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We intend to continue our important work for many years to come. If you’d like to follow us as we do, you can keep track of changes to the AO3 via our news posts and can find updates on our other projects on our project websites and social media channels. And if you would like to get even more closely involved you can keep track of our volunteer openings on our webpage, too!

We hope that our projects will continue to be a beacon of enjoyment even in the present interesting times. If you have found yourself soothed or entertained by fanworks lately, why not pay the good feelings forward and leave a kudos or comment for a fanworks creator today? However you choose to celebrate, we would love for you to join us in marking this milestone amongst your social circles and fandom communities.

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