Celebrating Our Community of Volunteers on This International Volunteer Day

On December 5, people all over the world celebrate the invaluable efforts and contributions of volunteers to causes big and small. The International Volunteer Day (IVD) is a day to recognize and celebrate the millions of people who take action on issues that matter to them by donating their time, knowledge and passion in order to drive positive change.

The Organization for Transformative Works depends on volunteers for every aspect of its operations: all of its projects and committees are run by volunteers. The OTW was born out of the volunteer work of fans who wanted to create a safe space for other fans and their fanworks. And for the past sixteen years we have celebrated those who made our community possible: without other fans donating their time and efforts to our community, we wouldn’t be here.

We want to thank all the fans who have volunteered, are volunteering and will volunteer for the OTW: those who maintain the technical infrastructure of our websites; those who write and keep updated all of our documentation, such as FAQs and news, to inform and help the public; those who organize and manage tags on AO3; those who help make the content of our websites available in dozens of languages; those who liaise with AO3 users, the Fanlore editors, the Transformative Works and Cultures editors and third parties around the world to help promote and support all those projects.

Last year, 209 new volunteers joined us, and as of the beginning of November, we had 207 new volunteers joining the Organization in 2023. We appreciate all the time, knowledge, passion and patience you are pouring into our various endeavours; we hope you will keep supporting us in the future and that many more people will join us and help us carry forward all our current and future projects.

Thank you again to our past, current and future volunteers. It’s an honor to serve our community alongside you. To many more years forward.


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