Celebrating International Volunteer Day 2022

This International Volunteer Day, the Organization for Transformative Works would like to recognize the incredible volunteers whose love and dedication keep our projects running smoothly. The OTW has always been a community-driven organization: we were founded by fans who wanted to take ownership over fandom preservation and advocacy.

For the past fifteen years, we’ve remained true to that mission. It’s fans that have become the volunteers who comprise the backbone of the OTW – volunteers who maintain the technical infrastructure of our sites; volunteers who provide help documentation, FAQs, and news to keep the public informed about our activities; volunteers who liaise with AO3 users, Fanlore editors, Transformative Works and Cultures contributors, the media, and governments around the world to promote and support these projects.

None of this work would be possible if not for the fan volunteers who devote thousands of hours of their time to running these projects. Our 900 volunteers across 18 committees are writers, coders, project managers, translators, sysadmins, graphic designers, tag wranglers, accountants, lawyers, and so much more whose knowledge, experience, and passion keep our projects alive. We’re especially grateful to all of our volunteers for the tenacity and commitment they showed when the OTW came under attack earlier this year.

Thank you to all of our volunteers, past and present! We’re honored to have worked with each and every one of you.


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