Celebrate Your Success! AKA, the October 2011 Membership Drive Wrap-Up!

The fantastic thing about the October 2011 Membership Drive is that it was a success — but, better than that, it was a week where our community came together and displayed strength, dedication, passion, and greatness. It was awe inspiring to see fans in action.

Actually, to just say the drive was a success understates matters. By any measure it was groundbreaking — we received 432 donations, 177 of which were from new members, both higher numbers than ever before. Our average donation amount was US$38.09. Paired with our matching grants, the total donations received over the course of the drive came out to US$21,456 — also a number higher than we’ve ever reached before in one drive.

At this moment, the OTW has 881 active members from 23 countries. And we’re all fantastic, since we spent a week spreading the word that fans are building the future and the future is now.

All we can say is this: Thank You.

As a follow-up to yesterday’s giveaway we’re excited to announce that anatsuno will receive Cecilia Tan’s generous donation!

PS! You can still send in your swag pics for a free Kudos tattoo!


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