Job Search: Translator

Job: Translator

Description: The Translation committee is looking for people interested in joining these existing translation teams: Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese. (We are also open to forming new language teams. If you are fluent in languages other than these, please let us know.)

Translators are currently working on the OTW website and various other materials (membership drive posts, etc), but will soon begin the massive job of translating the Archive, which means active translators will get Archive beta accounts!

Estimated Time Involved: A couple hours a week. We are always adding new content that needs to be translated, so this is an ongoing project. The length of commitment is up to you, and we encourage people to take breaks from the Org when they need them.

How to Volunteer: Use our contact form to send us the following information:

Your name (you may provide your real name or your fannish name–please consider what you feel comfortable using both inside and outside the organization):

Your email address:

Language(s) and applicable experience:

Please put “Translator” in the subject line. Please do not include embedded links.

Send us your information by: Job Closed

All volunteers will receive an email confirming their information has been received; please give us up to five days following the deadline to reply.

Anyone can contact the Volunteers & Recruiting committee at any time by using our contact form.

Volunteer Search: ADT Archivist

The Accessibility, Design, & Technology committee needs help! We’re coming up on the end of our first term, which means getting all our records in order, and we want ADT to keep coding, so we’re looking for people to help them get their meeting notes in order.

No technical knowledge is required–all you need is the ability to summarize a two-hour meeting in a half-page of short, bulleted minutes.

We need five to ten people for the job, and to show our gratitude for your hard work, each one will be paid with a shiny beta account at the Archive of Our Own.

The term ends in two weeks, so hurry hurry hurry. Send us your name and email address!

Willing to Serve

It’s that time again! As the end of the OTW’s first term nears, we will soon begin putting together the next round of committees for our second term, which means we are once again in search of people who are willing to serve.

We did an amazing amount of work during our first term, and we have a lot of things planned for the next, both internally (more comprehensive documentation!) and externally (more features for the archive!) Many of our current committee members will be returning for a second term, and we are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated people to join them.

In general, most committees have a chat meeting once a week (an hour or two in length), and conduct business between meetings via mailing lists and our project management software, Basecamp. (Online chat meetings are held on Campfire; the account is paid for by the OTW, and all staffers have access to it.) The number of hours a committee position demands on a weekly basis will vary greatly by committee, and also by time of year. Elections, for instance, does a great deal of work between September and November, our election season.

We’ve provided descriptions of the committees and their jobs below. In some instances, a committee is looking for volunteers for specific jobs, in which case they’ve included that information in their committee description.

If you are willing to serve, use our contact form to send us the following information:

  • Name: (fannish or real life, whichever you feel comfortable using):
  • Up to three committees you would be willing to serve on or specific position you wish to volunteer for:
  • Relevant experience, fannish and/or real life:

While our official recruiting period for our second term is over, we happily accept volunteers for any and all committees and projects at any time. Please send us your information if you are interested in being part of the OTW!


Handles the design and creation of software and interfaces for most projects of the organization, with emphasis on accessibility to the widest group of users.

For our second term, we are combining the current Public Relations and Community Relations committees into one Communications team. These committee members will be responsible for press releases, newsletters, blog posts, media contacts, and other tasks related to promoting our various projects. Additionally, they will play a major role in promoting communication within the OTW itself, keeping information flowing between the various committees.

The Development & Membership committee is in charge of fundraising and membership-building for the organization. This committee brainstorms fundraising ideas and then implements them; it’s our job to raise the funds that support all of the OTW’s various projects, both the visible ones (the archive needs servers!) and the invisible ones (from software to paperclips to domain registration fees.) DevMem also maintains our secure database of member and donor information, and works with Elections each year to ensure that each member is able to vote in org elections.

A good DevMem committee member can make it to our weekly chat meetings, is flexible and focused, has a sense of humor, and won’t be alarmed by occasional forays into extreme silliness. We’re always looking for folks with experience in fundraising tasks like donor-courting and grant writing, but we also welcome folks who are new to the world of development: what you don’t know, we’ll happily teach you! DevMem becomes a high-pressure job twice a year when we run our membership and donations drives, but even at high-stress times, we have a lot of fun, and we’re psyched to be the committee tasked with supporting the work of the OTW. Join us!

Develops policies and systems for the annual Board elections, works with Volunteers & Recruiting to recruit candidates, works with candidates to get platform information and provides this to the membership.

The Financial committee keeps track of spending, writes checks, maintains financial records, and develops a budget for the organization.

This committee advises the Board and various committees on legal matters and liaises with outside legal counsel. Mostly comprised of legal professionals.

Systems manages servers and infrastructure for the organization and its projects, which involves specific skills. We are currently using Debian, but if you are otherwise competent with Unix, knowing Debian specifically isn’t a requirement. The software packages we administer are: Mailman, Apache2, Mongrel, Rails, Drupal, Mediawiki, Postfix, mySQL, Awstats, Nagios, Request Tracker, rsnapshot, S3Sync and Logwatch. Experience installing, configuring and troubleshooting any of these would be good-you need not know them all. Apache would be a huge bonus.

We are also looking for a systems architect. If you have experience in this area, please contact us!

The Volunteers & Recruiting committee is the Human Resources of the OTW. This committee recruits and manages volunteers and staffers for all committees and projects, sets them up in the Org, and tracks their service. Volunteers also maintains a large database of volunteer records, posts job notices on the OTW website, and manages the end-of-term committee staffing drives and change-overs.

A good Volunteers committee member is online a lot, can work well under pressure, is extremely accurate in their work, can follow detailed written instructions, and is comfortable with short deadlines. Being on the Volunteers committee is a demanding job, but also a very interesting and fulfilling one that puts members directly in the heart of the Org. And it’s the perfect place for people who have a bit of micro-manager in them!

Designs and implements the terms of service and other content policies for the Archive of Our Own.

In its first term, the Wiki Committee developed a set of policies, guidelines and help documents to support Fanlore wiki editors, as well as establishing a flexible infrastructure to define and organise the wiki’s content.

Now that the wiki is live, the Wiki committee is responsible for monitoring how the policies, guidelines and infrastructure are used in practice. This includes:

  • Watching the recent changes on the wiki and keeping abreast of major changes/discussions that are underway
  • Participating in discussion (both on and off the wiki) with other editors with regards to how the existing guidelines work, and how they might be improved
  • Working on any necessary improvement on the guidelines in a timely manner, through both discussion within the Wiki committee as well as implementation on the wiki.
  • Supporting and managing wiki Gardeners – making sure they are trained up enough to assist editors, answering any queries
  • Making major structural or formatting decisions and subsequent edits on the wiki – designing and creating new templates/infoboxes, expanding the sitemap, etc.
  • Responding to queries made directly to the committee (that Gardeners can’t handle) in a timely manner

As part of the Wiki committee you will also be responsible for deciding on and developing future activities around and major plans for the wiki. This may include:

  • Outreach campaigns and procedures to invite and encourage other fan communities to contribute
  • Expanding the scope of the wiki to include content such as practical guides for fan activities
  • Developing and providing multilingual spaces on the wiki

Open Door works to preserve at-risk fanworks of all kinds.

The Webmasters Committee puts the words and files of the organization on the OTW website. We recently re-launched the website using the open-source CMS Drupal. We are now writing documentation so that future committee members will have a knowledgebase to work from. On an ongoing basis, we keep the website running smoothly and help committees get their FAQs, blog posts, and Web pages out into the wider world. To this end, we serve weeklong on-call rotations, checking website status and responding to requests daily. Rotations are scheduled in advance, and should fall approximately every six weeks.

Team membership requires two sets of skills: comfort using and supporting open source software, and willingness to communicate.

If you’re happy to read FAQs and manuals when they’re available, or just play with the settings on a piece of software when they’re not, then you’re the sort of computer user we’re looking for. HTML skills are a necessary prerequisite to Webmasters membership. It’s a bonus if you’re already familiar with Drupal software or PHP programming language, but we also welcome people willing to learn.

Our committee works by rapid consensus, looking at possibilities, researching the options, and then discussing alternatives via e-mail or during weekly chat-based meetings. You should be willing to speak up with an opinion and able to listen to conflicting opinions. The committee as a whole is flexible in what we do and how we do it, and we need every member to make his or her voice heard.

The Translation Committee coordinates the Translation volunteers (translators) and liaises with other committees. Translators help other committees by making their projects and documents available to an international audience, and may also provide feedback on a range of related issues, like testing translation interfaces. The OTW website, Elections material and Membership drives are examples of such projects, or, as our next big thing, the Archive of Our Own. We are currently seeking both Translation committee members, and Translation volunteers.

A Translation volunteer can either be a main translator or help out as a beta reader, depending on their experience and time. Translation volunteers should be able to work in small teams, set up and work towards finishing assignments within a given timeframe, and should be detail-oriented.

The language teams can vary in size and consist of volunteers who are either native speakers, or fluent in a language other than English.

If you feel more comfortable joining an already existing team, our active teams are:

  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Or you can be a pioneer for a language not yet represented — welcome! We’re looking forward to working with you.

This committee administers Transformative Works and Cultures (TWC), an international peer-reviewed twice-yearly academic online journal in the field of media studies. This involves maintaining TWC’s open-source journal software (OJS), considering submissions, and working with authors and content as necessary. We also shepherd documents through OJS for peer review, revision, copyedit, and layout.

In addition to full committee members, we are currently looking for volunteers for the following jobs:

We currently need two HTML layout coders. Layout is provided an .rtf file that they must tag to XML, using a template, in an HTML editor. Work comes in twice a year: approximately the third and fourth weeks of February, and the third and fourth weeks of August. The amount of work is variable and we will divide work up according to schedule, but layout artists will probably not tag more than 5 or 8 documents per issue. Knowledge of HTML and ability to work directly in an HTML editor are required. Before applying, please visit the journal’s Web site and view the code of any article to get an idea of the complexity of the coding required, keeping in mind that a template is provided for the basic structure. Report to Karen Hellekson, TWC production editor.

We are currently in need of one proofreader. Proofreaders are provided access to articles after they have been copyedited and laid out, and they are read for style, consistency, and correctness. (Specific requirements are provided on a checklist.) The proofreader must be able to use an HTML editor to enter the corrections, so basic knowledge of HTML is required, as is an HTML editor. Work comes in twice a year: approximately the first week of March, and the first week of September. Time commitment will vary according to the size of the issue, but it will probably not be more than 12 hours during the week of compressed work. Before applying, please visit the journal’s Web site and view the code of any article to get an idea of the complexity of the coding, which the proofreader will be required to edit to insert corrections. Report to Karen Hellekson, TWC production editor.

Interview Team
We are searching for three members for our new Interview team. Acafans and journalists are particularly encouraged to apply. Members of the team, with feedback with the other editorial staff members, will solicit interviews with various subjects of interest to TWC’s audience, including academics, writers, artists, gamers, and fans. Both interviewers and interviewees will be sought, so the Interview team members must match up people in appropriate disciplines. Interviews will be done via e-mail. Interview team members will edit, revise, and prepare the copy. Interviews will be actively solicited, so persistence, follow-through, and networking are all required. Weekly time commitment is variable and flexible, although deadlines for receipt of copy are hard. Report to Kristina Busse and Karen Hellekson, editors, TWC.

If you have questions regarding serving on a committee, you can contact Volunteers & Recruiting via our contact form.

Edited October 13th 2008 to expand Wiki committee description.
Edited November 4th 2008 to remove deadline information.