OTW Fannews: Changing the Dialogue

  • The media frenzy surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakens continued to throw up a number of articles examining fannish behavior. Vox questioned typifying Rey as a Mary Sue. “Landis isn’t a stranger to the internet, so he anticipated the responses he might get to this critique. First, he insisted that ‘Mary Sue‘ isn’t an inherently sexist term, writing ‘WAKE. UP.’ next to a screenshot of the definition including ‘Gary Stu.’ Then, he acknowledged that some may like Rey because there are precious few good female action or fantasy stars, though Harry Potter’s Hermione and Mad Max: Fury Road’s Furiosa are ‘a good start.’ Finally, he went after the ‘straw men’ arguments sure to come his way: ‘Luke was a Mary Sue’; ‘action films have Mary Sue men all the time’; ‘you wouldn’t say that if she was a man.'”
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