Latest from the Board: Board minutes 22 December 2011

We recently announced that from now on we will be posting minutes from Board meetings – we hope this will help people both inside and outside the organization get a flavour of what the Board gets up to and what we’re currently working on.

Each meeting generally begins with an “open session” that is open to all OTW committee chairs. The second part of the meeting is a “closed session” that is open only to the Board. Closed sessions are used for discussing confidential matters such as legal or personnel issues (in the latter case, the minutes generally do not record the names of the personnel involved), while open sessions cover a wide variety of topics. Following each meeting, minutes are drafted by the Secretary and then approved by the other Board members.

We had our first Board meeting on 22nd December. This meeting was devoted to setting things in place for the Board’s work in the new term, so we didn’t have any open session topics. We talked about policies and communication for the new term, and appointed new officers (the folk who play a specific role within the Board to keep its work running smoothly).

Congratulations to our new officers! The people appointed are:

  • President: Kristen Murphy
  • Treasurer: Nikisha Sanders
  • Secretary: Jenny Scott-Thompson
  • Vice-Secretary: Julia Beck

Read the rest of the minutes for 22nd December here.

Thanks and congratulations to all the people who worked hard to make the 2011 term a success – we’re looking forward to seeing even more great work in the new year.

2010 mid-year Abuse report

Time flies when you’re having fun — it’s time for the report from the Abuse committee already! We are delighted to inform you that this will be a really short report because everyone on the Archive of Our Own has been busy having fun, too, and has left us alone.

Since the Archive of Our Own went into Open Beta in November 2009, the Abuse committee has dealt with a total of seven cases. Of these, three involved warnings concerns, two were fannish next-of-kin arrangements, one was a fair use concern, and one was a spam report.

All of these cases have been resolved.

We remind users that the Terms of Service are always available for your perusal, before and after you get an invitation to the Archive, and that we are here for you! Go forth, enjoy the Archive, and be excellent to one another.

Abuse Committee, July 2010