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March 2022 Newsletter, Volume 166

I. GOVERNANCE The Board of Directors, Elections, and Volunteers & Recruiting worked together in March to update the eligibility requirements for future Board elections. Volunteers no longer have to hold a “staff” position to run for Board: any volunteer who has served for 9 months in the past year is eligible. You can read the full eligibility requirements on our website. The Election Timeline will be available in early May. Here’s a sneak peek: the candidacy deadline is June 17th. The last day to become a member to vote will be June 30th. And the election will be held August 12th through the 15th. Meanwhile,… Read more

February 2022 Newsletter, Volume 165

I. INTERNATIONAL FANWORKS DAY Thanks to everyone who participated in our eighth annual International Fanworks Day this past February 15! Communications kicked off celebrations with a remix fanworks challenge, Feedback Fest, and Discord games and chat, and the festivities continued through the end of the week with Fanlore‘s IFD Fanlore Challenge, which involved different editing challenges every day. Thanks to the OTW volunteers who helped mod the chat! You can find the fan-written lyrics generated during Lyrics Round Robin on the OTWCommunications_IFD AO3 account.

January 2022 Newsletter, Volume 164

I. INTERNATIONAL FANWORKS DAY IS COMING The eighth annual International Fanworks Day (IFD) is on February 15, and the OTW has been busy preparing for the festivities! Communications released a public post revealing this year’s theme–Classic Fanworks–and suggesting ways to participate, including a Feedback Fest, writing about what your favorite fanworks mean to you, and joining our short-form fanworks challenge. Behind the scenes, Translation prepared to translate IFD posts in time for the celebrations, and Fanlore began planning its own IFD Fanlore Challenge.

November 2021 Newsletter, Volume 163

I. OPEN DOORS IMPORTS November was a busy month for Open Doors! They announced the upcoming imports of The Disney Kink Meme and The Harry Potter FanFic Archive, and they completed three archive imports: Twice Bitten, Gilmore Girls Slash, and Gilmore Girls Adult Fic. They also finished legitimizing the previous import of Sarek and Amanda Archive.

October 2021 Newsletter, Volume 162

I. LEGAL ADVOCACY Legal received some great news in October: the U.S. Copyright Office renewed the vidders’ exemption to the DMCA anti-circumvention provisions. In other words, we have won an additional three years of the existing exemption that allows vidders to decrypt DVDs, Blu-rays, or online sources for purposes of making noncommercial vids. Legal had previously submitted comments to the U.S. Copyright Office arguing for renewal and clarification of the vidders’ exemption earlier this year.