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Thanks for Participating in #IFD2024

International Fanworks Day is a celebration of so many things we love about fandom. Whether you contributed on AO3, Fanlore, social media, or Discord, we’re delighted that you’ve joined in for the 10th year of this special day. Be sure to check out everyone’s contributions in the International Fanworks Day 2024 tag on AO3 and using the tag #IFD2024 on social media. We have also had over 120 contributions to Feedback Fest on AO3 and at the OTW website, so stop by and add your own. Our OTW Tumblr mod has also been keeping up with many rec lists posted there. So far over 55,000… Read more

It’s International Fanworks Day 2024!

For anyone who’s missed our earlier posts, here’s a rundown on all the other International Fanwork Day events! The OTW’s chatroom games session is a 30-hour party that lasts from 21:00 UTC on 14 February until 03:00 UTC on 16 February. The times listed below are in UTC, but you can click the links to find out how that converts to your own timezone. The games will be hosted on our dedicated Discord server and moderated by OTW volunteers throughout the day. Every hour you will be able to participate in a different fandom-themed game! The timetable and game descriptions are given below; join us… Read more

Welcome to Feedback Fest 2024

Welcome to the International Fanworks Day Feedback Fest. Because it’s the 10th year of observance, we’re making that part of this activity! Here’s how it works: Leave a comment here recommending 10 fanworks, and say something about why you love these works and think others should check them out. You can also link to a recommendation post you’ve made elsewhere which is tagged with #FeedbackFest. Remember that fan communities, newsletters, archives, and other resources are fanworks too, so there are a lot of possibilities! For everyone checking out the rec’ed fanworks, don’t forget to leave comments, likes, kudos, or other feedback to those fan creators… Read more

Take the #IFD2024 Survey!

As part of celebrating International Fanworks Day for the 10th year, we are curious to know how many of you are out there looking for fanworks and creating fanworks of various kinds. We got a great response to the survey we ran for our 16th Anniversary last September and are hoping many of you will want to participate. This survey asks 12 ticky box or multiple choice questions and does not ask for any identifying information. All users will be anonymous. We ask that only those 18 or over take the survey. TAKE THE SURVEY In honor of IFD’s 10th year, the survey will be… Read more

What We’re Doing for #IFD2024

This February 15th will mark the 10th annual International Fanworks Day! In honour of IFD, the OTW will be hosting several events. Which ones will you take part in? 1. 10 Things About Fandom A couple of weeks ago, we sent out a call for essay contributions telling us about ten things that mean the most to you about fandom, or a highlight about the past ten years you’ve spent in fandom, or about ten funny, exciting or noteworthy moments that happened in your fandoms. If you haven’t written a post yet you can still share your experiences on social media with the tag #IFD2024!… Read more