Calling All European Vidders!

Written by Natacha Guyot

The organizers of 2008’s Vidukon are currently trying to put together a second European vidding convention. If you think you might attend such a convention (or be willing to help them put it on!) please fill out their poll. Help is crucial and is encouraged from both vidders and vid-watchers.

OTW’s international staff are excited about this opportunity for gathering vidders on the European side of the ocean. International vidders will benefit from such an event, even if they are actually creating in ‘mainstream’ fandom. No matter how the Internet has made ‘worldwide’ access easier for many, vidders’ presence can still remain scattered.

A second European vidding convention would be a chance for vidders to discover others’ works, and through vids, new fandoms. (For instance, French shows like Clara Sheller or David Nolande became known through vids; vids about the first brought about discussion with Brazilian fans, and a vid about the second sparked some American watchers’ interest, and a lot of conjectures about the TV series itself.)

Gathering people, works and history on an international scale remains an important goal for the OTW and its various projects, from the Archive of Our Own to the various parts of the Vidding Roadmap. We are committed to building a community and archive for fic, art, and vids that goes beyond fandom and language boundaries. You can help us make this happen by volunteering.

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