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Looking for something new to read? Want to support the OTW? Here’s a way to do both!

Cover of the book 'Fic: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World'

Smart Pop Books is the publisher of Fic: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World, a new book edited by Anne Jamison and featuring contributions from several current and former OTW staff members, including an essay about the Archive of Our Own.

From now through December 31, if you order the book from Amazon through this referral link, Smart Pop will donate a percentage of the proceeds to OTW. They have generously offered to double Amazon’s usual affiliate rate, which ranges from 6-8% depending on sale volume, so OTW will receive 12-16% per book.

From the book’s summary:

Fic is a groundbreaking exploration of the history and culture of fan writing and what it means for the way we think about reading, writing, and authorship. It’s a story about literature, community, and technology — about what stories are being told, who’s telling them, how, and why.

With provocative discussions from both professional and fan writers, on subjects from Star Trek to The X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Harry Potter, Twilight, and beyond, Fic sheds light on the widely misunderstood world(s) of fanfiction — not only how fanfiction is transforming the literary landscape, but how it already has.

Here’s the referral link again. Thank you to Smart Pop Books and Anne Jamison for this opportunity, and as always, thank you for supporting the OTW. Happy reading!

  1. Ira commented:

    Hi! Do you know if it’s going to have a kindle edition?

    • Kristen Murphy commented:

      Hi! I checked with our contact at the publisher. She says there will be a Kindle edition that will also be part of this promotion, but Amazon doesn’t usually post Kindle links until a book’s actual release date. She will check to see if she can find out a precise date when the Kindle edition will be available.

      – Kristen, Development & Membership

  2. Kristen Murphy commented:

    I do not know, but I’ll ask the publisher and get back to you. Thanks for your interest!

    – Kristen, Development & Membership

  3. md commented:

    I think the OTW may be eligible for this

    • Kristen Murphy commented:

      Thanks for the link! We’ll check it out.

      -Kristen, Development & Membership

  4. Heidi commented:

    It’s now pre-order-able on Amazon! The same link gives info about both versions.

  5. achray commented:

    I’ll probably buy this from as soon as it’s released – is this also true for those of us in the UK?

    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      Right now the only link that will lead to donations for us is the one above. Our Development & Membership Committee is looking into other possibilities and should post about them if they happen.

  6. Andrea commented:

    Does this work if you buy the book from the Amazon UK store, as well?

    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      Not at this time, no (see the comment above).

  7. yirna commented:

    Hi, I’d like to buy the book and support, but shipping to Canada is punishing. Any news about getting the donation to work for etc? If I can get this without the border crossing, I’d prefer it!

    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      We have a reminder post about this coming out this week, but while this offer now applies to the Kindle version, unfortunately it still only applies to the U.S. Amazon site through the link above.