Board Meeting Minutes, January 25, 2014


January 25, 2014, 19:00 UTC

PRESENT: Andrea Horbinski, Anna Genoese, Cat Meier, Eylul Dogruel, Franzeska Dickson, sanders

GUESTS: Lady Oscar, Elliot Oberholtzer, james_



1. Board approved 8 new Tag Wrangling staffers
2. Board approved meeting minutes


1. Board has not started the letter for the annual report but expects to have a draft for voting by Monday (27 Jan). Deadline is 31 Jan.

2. Comms is asking about the letter for AR. They are also updating the About page to reflect new Board & assignments (

3. SP is working on reports

4. Systems is working on MSQL and email servers, and the installation of new servers.

5. VolCom is working with Comms, DevMem and Translations with open recruiting ( and needs help with signal boosting.

6. Finances

18-Jan 25-Jan Difference
BoA 83541.40 83491.99  (49.41)
PayPal 23329.64  24074.19 744.55
CD 10120.49 10123.93  3.44
Total 116,991.53  117,690.11  698.58


  • We spent a grand total of $49.41 this week. $5.75 was the UPS Store forwarding our mail, and the rest was for premium fulfilment for DevMem from donations.
  • Board shifted 18,074.19 from PayPal to BoA, which will leave $6K in the account before any recurring or new donations come in.
  • The CD interest was added for the month, netting us $3.44.
  • Board will be checking in with committees that have annual expenses in the next few weeks

7. Board has no update on the Docs Project


1. Board has no update about Fan Video

2. Board has decided that with a 6-person Board, the president’s vote is the tie-breaker

3. Board has decided to keep quorum at 5, with the caveat that we will need to adjust this if someone goes on hiatus or has an extended absence.

4. Board agrees to send an email to VolCom to flag the file of a staffer who displayed problematic behavior.

5. Board votes on a confidential staff issue.


Minutes approved by the Board 28 January 2014.

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