Board Meeting Minutes, January 18, 2014


January 18, 2014, 19:00 UTC

PRESENT: Andrea Horbinski, Anna Genoese, Cat Meier, Eylul Dogruel, Franzeska Dickson, sanders

GUESTS: Enigel, james_, Lady Oscar



  1.  Board approved Legal submitting comments to the EU on EU copyright reform
  2. Board approved Legal bringing on an emergency staffer to help write the comments on EU copyright reform
  3. Board approved Qem as Tag Wrangling co-chair for the 2014 term
  4. Approved Hana Lee as the new chair of Strategic Planning.
  5. Approved a proposal from AD&T to send two staffers to a two-day Elasticsearch training course at an estimated total cost of US$3,000.


1. VolCom’s doing a refresher/first time training for recruitment processes for their staff.

2. Support has started meeting on Basecamp and working on a confidentiality policy.

3. TW is interviewing potential new staff.

4. Servers:

  • UPS have delayed the delivery of the servers but they are in the post
  • We are now in Phase 3 of server proposal
  • The expected expense for the last machine matches the one from Phase 1, which came in at approximately $13K.

5. Journal are moving to three issues a year and are going full speed ahead on that.
*** Correction from meeting: Journal is doing two regular issues and one special issue, which is their norm

6. sanders delivered the Finance update:

  • down by 56K
  • 52K on new servers
  • $3400 is sending Enigel and Elz to elasticsearch training
  • Other monies spent on routine expenses like housing the existing servers, Campfire, New Relic, bank fees.
  • Despite expenses, we ended 2013 with twice as much in reserve as when we started  
31-Dec 18-Jan Difference
BoA 141,892.84 83541.40 (58351.44)
PayPal 21,766.61 23329.64 1563.03
CD 10,120.49 10,120.49 0.00
Total 173,779.94 116,991.53 (56788.41)

7. Docs Project: everyone took time off from this over the term break and we expect to resume now that term has started

8. Board approves decommissioning the Survey Workgroup

9. Board agrees on a static meeting time for this term (19:00 Saturdays)

10. Board approves method of marking absence from meeting using Basecamp calendar

11. Board voted on and approved officers: President—Cat; Secretary—Anna; Treasurer—sanders; Elections Officer—Eylul

12. Board agrees to not have VP and discuss whether we need it or not later


1. Board members summarized current issues for the newest member

2 Board discussed bringing a formal complaint against a staffer for inappropriate behavior and agreed to flag the staffer’s file and strongly suggest mentoring

3. Board agreed on new liaison assignments for the 2014 term

4. Board discussed a comment left on a post and agreed to write an update post discussing the ways in which the OTW is moving forward with a focus on volunteer retention and satisfaction


Minutes approved by the Board 27 January 2014.

Minutes amended by Board vote on 18 October 2014.

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