Board Meeting Minutes, February 8, 2014


February 8, 2014, 19:00 UTC

PRESENT: Andrea Horbinski, Anna Genoese, Cat Meier, Eylul Dogruel, Franzeska Dickson, sanders

GUESTS: Claudia Rebaza, james_, Lady Oscar, Elz, Enigel



1. Board approved meeting minutes

2. Board approved 3 new staffers for Communications.

3. Board approved 4 new staffers for Translation.


1. Finance

1-Feb 8-Feb Change
BoA 100623.88 100431.81 (192.07)
PayPal 6493.82  7317.64  823.82
CD 10123.93  10123.93  0.00
Total 117,241.63  117,873.38  631.75


  • The payments for the week were routine, Survey Monkey for SP, Basecamp and Campfire, premium shipping, bank fee for the Remote Deposit scanner
  • Amazon Web and a small fee from one of our server colo places that’s an adjustment for the exchange rate, I believe.
  • For income, we had $865 via Paypal, $41.18 in fees on those donations. Those came from 69 separate donations, 3 via the website, and the remaining 66 from recurring subscription donations, at an average of $12.50 per donation, which is normal for a non-drive month, and about half of the average for a drive month.

2. Committee Updates

  • SP has released 3 new reports and plans to recruit 2 new staffers
  • Comms has taken over the <a href=””>Linked In account</a>
  • Comms Chair updated the room on the event planning for the 1 millionth fanwork
  • Systems
    • The new servers are all powered on and known to be working.
    • The 4 systems running archive code are in production and running well.
    • The other 2 older systems have been reinstalled with an updated version of the operating system and returned to service.
    • We have migrated our database system to one of the new database server and this has helped with the archive melting down.
    • Work on migrating to mysql cluster continues but will take some time.

3. Docs Project

  • Board agrees the President and Director position descriptions are acceptable
  • Next step is to send President to Chairs and put Director on wiki
  • Next week we will be discussing Diversity Guidelines, the Board-Personnel communications, and the Secretary position description.


1. Board edits post about org issues and agrees to release it to Comms.

2. Board discusses all-org meetings and agrees to move the discussion to email.


Minutes approved by the Board 15 February 2014.

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