Board Meeting Minutes, February 1, 2014


February 1, 2014, 19:00 UTC

PRESENT: Andrea Horbinski, Anna Genoese, Cat Meier, Franzeska Dickson, sanders

GUESTS:  james_, Renay, Lady Oscar, Jessica Steiner, mumble, Enigel



1. Board approved meeting minutes


1. Committee Updates

  • Abuse is working on road map, training staff, old tickets.
  • Translation is improving the process for translating
  • SP is releasing three reports (Wiki/Fanlore, Systems, Grants)
  • DevMem is preparing to interview candidates
  • DevMem updated that we were at 3948 members on January 1 of this year.
  • VolCom has opened recruiting for Feb and March.
  • TW is settling in their new staff

2. The AO3 is on track to hit 1 million works. Events are being planned. This could possibly be linked with the April drive.

3. Finance update

  • Last year the org raised $167,691.61
  • if our growth mirrors last year and the year before, puts us on track to be a quarter million dollar org in the next 18-24 months.
  • Major Expenses
    • Webs 69.00
    • AO3  hosting and systems 873.30
    • PayPal Transfer went through to BoA
25-Jan 1-Feb Change
BoA 83491.99  100623.88  17131.89
PayPal 24074.19  6493.82  (17580.37)
CD 10123.93  10123.93  0.00
Total 117,690.11  117,241.63  (448.48)


4. Discussion of how granular the financial reporting should be. Decision: numbers will be available for those who want to see them, and we will have an announcement in the meeting of total unique donations and total monies donated.

5. Docs project is stalled. Board agrees to put in time this week to work on finishing the pieces that were almost finalized at the Berkeley meeting. Board commits to reviewing Secretary, Director, and President position descriptions before 08 Feb 2014 meeting.

6. Board letter for the annual report. Comms has extended the deadline.


1. Board will watch the Comms vid project and provide feedback

2. Board agrees Fan Video & Multimedia Committee shall be put on hiatus.


Minutes approved by the Board 4 February 2014.

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