Board Meeting Minutes: 7 September 2013


7 September 2013, 19:00 UTC

PRESENT: Andrea Horbinski, Eylul Dogruel, Franzeska Dickson, Ira Gladkova, Nikisha Sanders

GUESTS: Lady Oscar, Sam Johnsson

ABSENT: Cat Meier, Kristen Murphy


1. Approved a request from Legal to participate in a process by the US Patent & Trademark Office, which intends to foster multi-stakeholder dialogue about whether copyright laws need to be revised to address remixes. This would be similar to the US Copyright Office rulemaking process regarding DMCA exemptions for remix video that the OTW has been actively involved with in the past.

2. Approved two new staffers for Open Doors.

3. Approved two new staffers for Web Strategy, Design, and Development.

4. Approved a new staffer for Communications.


1. Update from AD&T:

a) The Rails upgrade has been deployed ( There has been a minor issue with existing bookmarks (saved in the browser) or old links, which were malformed before and that are now fixed in the deploy. Users will have to edit their bookmarks ( Otherwise the deploy went smoothly.

b) The next deploy will be in 2 stages. The first one will be tag-set fixes, to be deployed in mid-September, followed by a bug-fix/feature improvement release. AD&T’s focus will be on this deploy for the following 2 weeks.

c) The committee has finished a sit-down period, where the focus was on documentation, review of processes, and general maintenance in issue tracking.

d) QA&T has new mascot commissioned for the subcommittee by its lead.

e) AD&T is collaborating with Communications in recruiting a new liaison between committees.

f) AD&T is collaborating with Volunteers & Recruiting to prepare to recruit a documentation staffer for the committee.

g) The owner of Pinboard reached out via Twitter to ask some questions; mumble sent an email copying in Claudia as Comms chair, Andrea, and Elz, and all received questions about fannish coding, the AO3, and fandom. mumble forwarded them to AD&T for more input.

2. Translation is getting back on track. They currently have 3 staffers plus the chair. (They’ve gone through a recent process of evaluating whether staff are missing/inactive.) They’ve drafted a discussion plan to hammer out goals, evaluate existing documentation, recruitment, etc. Discussion should probably go on for a couple more weeks. Hele is looping the volunteer pool in on the discussion. Hele gives kudos to Volunteers & Recruiting for all their help. Translation has corrected the public list of languages they’re able to help Support with. They also had a brief meeting with AD&T and Docs to discuss the AO3 FAQ. They discussed ways to make it available in other languages, and there’s a coder investigating how to accomplish it. They also briefly discussed workflow for the actual translation with Docs. AD&T shared the third-party software they’re considering for AO3 interface translation. It looks very promising, and hele hopes to follow it up by asking for it to be installed in a webdev so Translation can test it and see if it works as described in the documentation.

3. Review of upcoming deadlines for the Board Documentation Project.

4. Finance update:

23-Aug 7-Sep Difference
BoA 116,110.40 115,346.28 (764.12)
PayPal 13,982.96 13,658.80 (324.16)
CD 10,106.97 10,106.97 0.00
Total 140,200.33 139,112.05 (1,088.28)

Major expenses since the last update were for colocation, webhosting, and the Comic-Con meetup.

5. Discussion of possible contractor relationship.

6. Discussion of elections. The eligibility guidelines have been settled, and the call for candidates will go out this weekend.

7. Reminder to please review the writeboard of feedback on the proposed TOS/FAQ changes for the Archive of Our Own; we’d like to get it back to Content Policy next week.


1. Discussion of Communications video project.

2. Discussion of preparations for in-person Board meeting.


Following the closed session, the Board returned to the open session room for 30 minutes of study hall time to work together on the Board Documentation Project.

The meeting was adjourned at 21:00 UTC.

Minutes approved by the Board on 6 December 2013.

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