Board Meeting Minutes: 24 August 2013


24 August 2013, 0:00 UTC

PRESENT: Andrea Horbinski, Cat Meier, Franzeska Dickson, Ira Gladkova,
Kristen Murphy

GUESTS: none

ABSENT: Eylul Dogruel, Nikisha Sanders


1. We approved two proposals from Legal to participate in amicus briefs.


There was no open session this week due to the org-wide meeting.


1. sanders submitted a financial update in advance of the meeting:

17-Aug 23-Aug Difference
BoA 117,760.09 116,110.40 (1,649.69)
PayPal 13,622.34 13,982.96 360.62
CD 10,103.54 10,106.97 3.43
Total 141,485.97 140,200.33 (1,285.64)

Major expenses in the last week included the purchase of a router for the
firewall, renewals for Campfire, Vanilla Forums, and virtual colocation,
and shipping for premiums.

2. Internationalization & Outreach has been training new recruits and
discussing a document about their goals and methods going forward.

3. Development & Membership is working on plans for the October drive and
discussing possible changes to the timing of membership renewal reminder
e-mails (per a suggestion received from a donor); also, Kristen is working
on getting CiviCRM access set up for one of the staffers who requested to
be trained on it.

4. Web Strategy, Design, & Development is currently recruiting; they’re
also working on election preparation and various small bugs and routine

5. Ira sent a Wiki update via e-mail and is talking with Legal about
establishing regular updates.

6. Franzi is talking with Fan Video & Multimedia about their status; they
need to do some recruiting before they can move forward.

7. Reminder that we should all talk with the committees we liaise about
establishing update schedules.

8. There seem to be a number of committees and workgroups that are doing
very little; sometime near the end of the documentation month we should
make a list of them and try to get a sense of their needs and how best to
move forward.

9. Discussion of Board documentation project. We set a goal to have all of
us sign off on the director position description this weekend so it can
move on to the next stage of review.

10. Translation update: Volunteers & Recruiting has been informed that
hele has been appointed as the new Translation chair.

11. Discussion of elections eligibility. We have solicited feedback from
committee chairs about the idea of extending Board eligibility to
volunteers (currently only staffers are eligible). Almost every chair who
responded said it would not be feasible. Problems include the difficulty
of tracking volunteer activity and the varying structure of volunteer
roles, some of which go through formal induction and some of which do not.
We voted to shelve the idea for this year but to continue exploring how it
might be made feasible in the future.

12. Discussion of a possible contractor relationship.

13. Discussion of proposed TOS/FAQ changes for the Archive of Our Own.
We’re happy with the TOS changes but have some revision suggestions for
the FAQ changes; Ira will start a writeboard with our feedback that we can
send back to Content Policy.

14. Discussion of Communications video project.

15. Discussion of preparations for the in-person Board meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 01:45 UTC.

Minutes approved by the Board on 6 December 2013.

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