Board Meeting Minutes: 21 September 2013


21 September 2013, 19:00 UTC

PRESENT: Franzeska Dickson, Eylul Dogruel, Ira Gladkova, Andrea Horbinski,
Cat Meier, Nikisha Sanders

GUESTS: none

ABSENT: Kristen Murphy


1. Approved a chairing change for Abuse.

2. Approved two new staffers for Support.

3. Approved a proposal from Content Policy to proceed with posting the revised Archive of Our Own TOS (which the Board has already approved) in advance of the FAQ, which is still being revised. TOS changes take a long time to get through the posting process, whereas FAQ changes are quicker to post, and the TOS changes need to go up as soon as possible.

4. Voted to move training plans to Phase 2 of the Board Documentation

5. Voted to send a message of thanks to the Category Change workgroup for
the work they’ve done to draft and gather feedback on the category change


There was no open session this week because the date had originally been
reserved for an org-wide meeting; though the org-wide meeting didn’t take
place, we’d already announced that the Board meeting would be
closed-session only, and so another group was meeting in the usual open
session room at the time of the Board meeting.


1. Update from Strategic Planning:

  • Are waiting for chair feedback on the Wiki Committee/Fanlore and
    Systems reports
  • Have completed the bulk of interviewing/surveying and have begun work
    on the report text for Support, Survey, and Grants
  • Plan to survey AO3 Docs and Translation in approximately 6 weeks
  • Have gotten in touch with Cat Change to survey them in the next 2
  • Are re-doing our style sheet for reports to make them easier to parse
    and easier to turn into HTML documents; if anyone has comments or feedback
    on the report style, we’d love to hear it!
  • Additionally, two Strategic Planning staffers are working on a
    project to benefit the org at large: a tutorial on how to use R to make
    graphs according to OTW house style.

2. Eylul has been meeting weekly with the Systems chair. Currently Systems
is working on a router setup for virtual machines in an additional country and is
preparing for a second round of recruitment.

3. Approved Eylul to take over from Ira as Board liaison to Wiki.

4. Discussion of Board voting procedures, to be continued via e-mail.

5. The chair transition in Abuse is underway and Ira is arranging to meet
with the new chair, Matty, to discuss current issues in the committee.

6. The Volunteers & Recruiting chair is going on a brief (1-2 week) hiatus
and has designated two staffers to serve as point people during that time.

7. Update on the Tag Wrangling committee.

8. Finance update:

13-Sep 21-Sep Difference
BoA 114,005.28 113,730.39 (274.89)
PayPal 14,420.54 14,764.27 343.73
CD 10,106.97 10,110.40 3.43
Total 138,532.79 138,605.06 72.27

Expenses for the week included mail forwarding and subscription renewals
for server monitoring, accounting, and forum software.

9. Discussion of election preparations.

10. Discussion: Do we need a formal policy about whether and when it is
appropriate/necessary to lock the Boardroom?

The meeting was adjourned at 21:10 UTC.

Minutes approved by the Board on 9 October 2014.

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